Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mona Lisa Of Business

Let’s forget about studying management and all the bombastic courses, through interview and meeting a lot of successful business during the downturn of the economy I have the privilege to rendezvous with countless bosses and managers. And also after working in several organizations, I couldn’t help but to notice no matter which industry it is the company can be segmented into 4 general departments;
1.       The Management: brain of the organization.
2.       The Marketing: mouth of the organization.
3.       The Operation: not the muscle but the limbs.
4.       The admin: the body that connects all.
Let me write briefly about each and every section. The management of course is the most important of all for setting the goals, making sure every department head towards it and also takes care of the big show. The marketing is as written above, the mouth that brings in food (money) to make sure there is sufficient fuel to run the company. The department is the most hardworking mainly because the pocket of the members are directly affected by the stream of activities of the department. Fuel consumed will be channeled to the limbs to perform. Therefore, the operation department is basically the company itself. It’s all talk until we see the operation perform, there’s no deny to that. And the least important is the admin that connects everything together but yet, they are necessary. The job of the admin department is to make sure everything is organized especially when the tax consultants are here for audit.  
These are simple truth that many bosses failed to see. A business that runs smooth needs to be as simple as possible. A boss that runs the business needs to look view the company as an overall picture. Just like looking into Mona Lisa, we grab the feel and message Da Vinci was trying to tell us by ignoring the detail and mistakes he made. If we scan the painting brush by brush, we are not enjoying, we are scrutinizing. Yes, we need to be critical to our own set up and ideas but to observe every detail is a big mistake. Handling business is just like trading the market; we follow the market trend by looking at the overall picture. Looking at every single tick often brings us nothing but losses. It is very important as owner of the company to define the responsibility of each department. For anyone stupid enough not to know let me simplify for you;
1.       Management (including the boss(es): scheming
2.       Marketing: get more business
3.       Operation: serve, product, whatever
4.       Admin: Paperwork
Let’s imagine you’re a restaurant owner. Do this; ask your chef to serve the customer, ask for their opinion does everything other than cooking. Let your cashier do the cooking and ask your waiters to send fliers. What will happen? Your kitchen got burnt, client got slapped and god knows where your waiters are. I cannot stress more on the idea of simplicity and the importance of looking at the overall big picture. They are who they are simply because they are who they are.

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