Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Serious Aid Needed

     It's rather pathetic that my very first post on this blog is begging for help on the setting. But seriously guys. I need help. There are several issues that I wish to restructure on the layout. My blog width is very narrow as you can see. Any way to stretch it? How to use a photo as the background? Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks

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darrenpan said...

HI, I'm darren from Kuching. Also just started blogging since last month. http://darrenpan.blogspot.com/. I'm having the same problem and till today still unable to solve, however, some guideline for you, maybe you are better than me in technical. Try "firebug" (saw in Lawyat forum), which it really works. I'm still trying as of now cos the layout out of my control...I'm not familiar with html code.

Do share with me if you could sort it out. Thanks..