Monday, November 9, 2009

Syphon Coffee

"What would you tell the waiter when you want a cup of decent coffee?" asked Terry Beh, the owner of Coffee Lane at his newly opened shop. "Kopi cit poey" some said. "Or Peng" I said. And many others answered in various local slang which only Penang folks understand. But according to Terry, if you are a coffee lover, or if you tell that to the foreigners, the Japanese would say "baka", you'll make the Italian laughed to tears and our unique way of ordering coffee certainly raise a few eye brows in France. 
In Terry's Shop, or rather Coffee Lane, the coffee served are guaranteed to be freshly brewed. It's so fresh, the coffee beans were crushed at the very moment you order a cup or else, it would have lost it's freshness. So, what's syphon coffee anyways? It is a coffee brewing technique pandemic to Japan.  

One brew may serve only 5 small cups taking heavy consideration about water amount, bean weight and also water temperature (90°). 

It's almost standard where the first step is, boiling the water. After almost reaching boiling temperature, the upper funnel containing the coffee powder of the set is inserted into the water. Of course, high grade coffee was used in this process (from Italy hehe). The pressure resulted from boiling will push the water from the lower bulb into the upper funnel. Upon hugging the coffee powder, the aroma was diffused into the almost boiling water, giving us none other than temptation. Using what he called as Magic Cloth (which I hope is clean), Terry bewitched the brewed coffee into the lower bulb again. And the last action left was to pour it into cups. 

We can tell the freshness by looking at the bubbles; just like urine, bubbles in the cup means fresh!

What happened next was, us, grabbing free cups of coffee and pretend to appreciate it....We were "adviced" to gulp them without sugar!!!!

Terry Beh's expression was as if he had won a million in the coffee competition.

So, what's syphon coffee to me anyways, for me, it's a longwinded way of making a cup of coffee. But for Terry, every cup means effort, perfection and passion. For his customer, it's satisfaction, warmth and nevertheless, money. lol
Ya, I know, there are many coffee addicts out there dying to know where you can find this place. See below (lazy to describe, many say I bring madness to anyone asking me for route).

Name: Coffee Lane
Add: 10B King Street 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 04-2610625

(click on the photo to enlarger)
Ok, this is about as much I'll say about his coffee. Anyone needs more information, you may click here.

Oh ya, he serve every customer personally. You may find him charming but unfortunately, he's not available.


Hui Yi said...

Great coffee and good blog. Remember to collect advertistment fees from Terry.. Haha..

Wong How Jun said...

Haha. Already collected before writing this blog. Remember the tomyum and nasi kemal we ate?

KiNn said...

WOW dude! Reminds me of some science experiment back in high school. So what did it taste like to you? Id like to hear from a non coffee enthusiast. More sinceer ma! Haha :D