Monday, December 21, 2009

Haiyai Trip part I

We stayed in Regency Hotel that's located right in the middle of Hatyai. So it's pretty convenient for us to travel everywhere plus all the "public transportation" available vastly in the city. What do I mean by "public transportation"? I'll tell you in a short while. Now let's talk about the hotel 1st. I can't help but to notice that everything over there was decorated. Perhaps it's a tourist spot that's why they wanna make it as attractive as possible.

I had difficulties locating the button for the elevator. Guess where is it? Yes, it's at the fish mouth.

Even the stray outside of the hotel was not spared!

We were stupid enough to visit the tourist packed destination during peak season plus Christmas is just around the corner. So, instead of getting classy hotel, we landed in Regency for a hefty rent of RM175/night for a double bedded room. So this is how our room looked like...

There's a "window" (more like a super sized glass panel) big enough overlooking the whole city. I think for safety sake, the management has locked the window plane. Look at the messy room after just one night, lol. The best thing about staying in hotel is, we never need to clean the room unless we're stupid enough. There's rooms service.

But was RM175/night worth it? There's no breakfast included, no newspaper. Apart from a complimentary sky juice, there's nothing else. I think the water was recycled from some drain or septic hole cause it tasted so salty, it might as well be water plus Sodium chloride. That's why it's complimentary I reckon. The bottle was glass by the way, which is rarely seen these days.

There were this tiny little insects (Psocids; lice) all over the way showing a sign of poor house keeping. Don't keep your mouth open when sleeping!

No matter how I try, I can never turn the tap off. There was mold growing on the bathtub and there is no way to adjust the temperature of the water....some how, it'll be either over heated of blizzardingx cold.

But in the end I decided, "the heck with it", we're not going to stay in the room for long. It's just for the night isn't it? Tips for future visitors, book your room damn early to secure a better accommodation. For RM175, we're sure to get better rooms if we're early enough!

The gang of Foreigners in Hatyai. See the fat guy on the left? Bring him along if you're going. He's a bargaining machine! lol


Hui Yi said...

Regency hotel management will b upset when they read this.

Jacqueline said...

LOL! The pic of ur room is kind of messy... Hahaha!