Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hatyai Trip part II

When we got landed in Hatyai, the very first thing I noticed was the "Tut Tut car". Thailand is very famous for that but we never get to feel the cuteness of the vehicle until it's right in front of us. Imagine a miniature nissan nevette with no hind door and with seats on the back....Having hard time imagining? See the photo lar.... This one is pretty high class with shaded side. Most tut tut has the back portion quite open, and when it rains, it's water splash festival for us. 

For just 10 baht, it will take us wherever we wanna go. Beware tho, ask the price before you board the taxi!

Then we went to Lee Garden, one of the top hotel in Hatyai to have our lunch (or rather brunch). It was the the 33rd floor or the hotel.

Riding up to the tower was as if going to UK, where we had to exchange flights in Hong Kong. The elevator will only reach 10th floor and we have to exchange elevator twice to reach the top. We found ourself waiting for half hour before lunch was served. Actually it's all ready but they decided to let all of use wait *grrrr*. In the mean while, we snap some photos around the circular dining area overlooking the whole city. Kinda like revolving restaurant in City Baview.

For only 149 baht, I found that the food is more than acceptable. Have a look at some of the dishes...

We set up our own buffet on the long table. Man, I even had a tummy after that meal....It was sooooooooooo good!!!!


Hui Yi said...

whole blog just talk about the buffet? It's still a long way to go.. too much food over there

Wong How Jun said...

Ya...Gonna continue summore