Thursday, January 21, 2010

Being a trainer

Sometimes I wonder what could be used as a measuring benchmark for our success. For example, people tell me that I'm still very young and there is no real need to rush for success. My client who owns more than 250 houses around Penang told me that he's poor. Some client owns a small business and have his nose lifted so high that I was practically talking to his nose all the time. So sometimes I feel that I'm being very useless and did not really put in enough effort into my own life. But sometimes I could really feel the respect from others which really made me feel really good and want to carry on even harder.
Perhaps my most successful achievement in the career was to introduce myself as a very knowledgeable "specialist" (that's what my boss will tell clients). After 1.5 years of working, I have given out total of 4 institutional training to date.

The first was at Ace Enclosure and it's about fumigation. I was only a 2 months old fumigator but my boss cruelly sent me out to face a major client. Of coarse he was with me that time.

I did all the subsequent presentations alone where my boss couldn't careless anymore.

Held this year in our very own office, the training was about a new product (we were not the supplier). The training was extended to other pest controllers from the north. Present was Swift Kill and PestGuard both from Ipoh. From Penang will be my own staffs and Popular Pest from Seberang Jaya.

The last training was given to IJM Land Penang. Present was all their managers but I forgot to take photos :( . In house training were countless so I disregard them in this post. At every training, I have this awkward feeling where almost all the time, I was the youngest in the room. This made me think, if I'm this good and experience in my field, what am I doing working for other people?

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The Fleece Master said...

Bro, you have your good point there. Just stay there and gain more experience & contacts. Then, after that, you can start your own co. since you are the "specialist" and the best in your area.

By the way, success has no measurement, its an ongoing process. Keep it up bro.