Sunday, January 3, 2010

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare II

So, what did I do on the first few days of the new decade? Finally I decided that my computer is way too slow and I needed much more room. So on Saturday (2nd Jan 2010), I went to Prangin Mall and obtain myself another 2 Gb Ram and 320Gb hard disk. After that I realized that my com doesn’t have enough power cord for my new disk “kanneh” I had to drive all the way  down town to get another one. After reformatting the PC, I decided to test the speed with games (as usual) and I installed this one….Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II.


The game is so addictive, I stressed myself to complete the game twice in a day at regular difficulty. I’m not a hard core gamer but it’s just too hard to let the game go. After passing the first round using approximately 4 hours, the 2nd round followed immediately with the same intensity of fun. Here are some highlight which I liked about the game (Modern Warfare overall).

  1. The graphic is damn realistic; the smoke, blood splashing and the gesture of the enemy dying just seem so real.
  2. Missions may seem tough but it manageable. The story line follows some plot which made me want to know about the ending curiously.
  3. There are plenty of killing available. Hehe
  4. A huge range of weapons are available and we may even pick the weapon for the enemy when we run out of ammo. Personally I like the sniper rifle best.
  5. Great sound effect. I’m not sure whether is it my Altec Lansing headphone or the game it’s just GREAT!

This is the first version which I completed 5 times. 3 times with regular difficulty and twice with the toughest setting.


I know my little cousin is dying to get his hands on my computer when he saw me playing but I ain’t letting him touch…hehe…Maybe I’m going for another round tomorrow.


Modern Warfare rocks and my com runs faster than ever….and that’s how I started my new year.. Happy 2010 to all.


Hui Yi said...

Wah.. keep on playing game.. never share with me also.

Wong How Jun said...

Your computer kenot support. Come my house play la. Can play with my puppy oso ma.