Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finding Spark In a Dull Life

After working for 2 years, I feel that even the most interesting job will turn boring. I pity those who are working in a confine space for 8 hours/day. I think I rather kill meself before getting into such torment. My job requires me to visit many places and meet countless faces everyday but it’s getting more and more uninteresting as the day passes by. It feels like brushing teeth or bathing where it’s necessary but somehow it’s restless. So to overcome that, I think the only way out is to change myself since I can’t really change my job. Not yet at least.
These are the following the “intriguing happening” around me lately….
With the type of work I’m in, there are many places that I’m privileged to visit that most of you can’t. For example...the Governor or Chief Minister Residence. Hehe… Most frequent property type are the expensive ones, which make me sad sometimes.
Putra Marine is one of them…man I love that Condo. It’s so beautiful from the Top. I have access to the rooftop where even the owners doesn’t. But looking from the top made me realize that I belong way below…
fall copy
Never mind, perhaps I’ll make it there one day and look down to say good bye. At least I promised myself that….
Not all the time I’m lucky to enter luxurious homes…sometimes I have to survey property as rundown as this… Don’t know what’s the point having pest management service there all the owner himself is a pest to his own house….

Visiting schools make me miss studying days. It’s so sweet. Chlidren posting ABC, recess, soccer with peers..these are the few of my favorite things…
Traffic jam has become part of my life. From my house, I’ll jam till work and from office again, I’ll in the participate the jam whole fucking day. By the way, I spotted this bastard littering all over the damn road while I was driving. Motherfucker from KL litter in Penang. Brainless oaf. Ur mama didn’t teach you hygiene?
Maybe I was cursing the KL guy too much, I got my ass kicked by a Proton Saga the following day. Not much damage done but my sensor was broken. You know what that bitch told me? “aiya not very bad la…little niama” she said the first thing got down from the car. So I answered “Yalo, you’re lucky you only need to pay me little nialo”. In the end she got her stud to repair my car.
Well…sometimes I’ll meet some extraordinary creatures and get to play with them a bit. This frog was stuck in my station.

I did what an animal lover would (release it to the wild) do but it pissed on my pants. Damn…

Sometimes animal really make my day. I was at my customer house the other day when his dog (Huskey man!!!!) jumping onto me and start licking all over my face! Damn cute lar.
EC4U 143
Normally once a week I’ll shop for grocery. In Penang, from Monday till Wednesday supermarket will not provide plastic bags. And I had to carry all these stuff into my car without a basket or bags. Tesco will not allow us to bring the basket out of the store even I said I will personally return to the counter. Imagine how I managed to bring those stuff to my car…..Incredible?
Using a trolley lar…. But it’s rather awkward and inconvenient to use such a big trolley for so little stuffs. That’s why I don’t really like Penang government. Especially Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. See I don’t even let him stand beside me for photograph….”get at least 1 meter away from me” I said….lol
EC4U 100
So that’s pretty much about me these days. Did you managed to spark your boring life?


Hui Yi said...

Life maybe boring sometimes, but it depends on how we manage our life. Ya, I do agree working life make us more even bored esp when we are just like a machine keep on repeating what we are doing. I believe one day we can get out of this rat race and step in the world that we desire. Gambate.

How Jun said...

Nicely said. Plan your failure and you shall fail gracefully. Falling gracefully is an achievement itself.

shiuan said...

ei..must take less plastic bags la..bring your own cloth bag (eco-bag) save the world..