Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I had a bad day!

Maybe it is an old song but for me, this is the best song for the moment. Please click play when you're reading this.

There are some days when you feel you have already outsmarted all the living being in this world. There are days when you want to announce that you're far more superior than anyone else you've ever seen. There are days when you feel you have surpass the top of the world. But certainly this is not my day...

Today is a day where all guidance is redundant. Today is a day where you're on your own. Today is a day where no words could describe. Today is a day where hell is pleasant. Today is a day where you don't know what to say. And today the you world had hit a new low.

Basically what happened was a some refused to comprehend my explanation. Basically what happened was the person you dealt with couldn't be bothered with what's going on. Basically all the knowledge that you took pride from worth less than rubbish to someone out there. And basically this is the moment where you break down and cry.

What I want to do now is to move far far away and be gone from where I am now. What I want to do now is to forget everything that is done and wish that I can move on. What I really want to do is to get drunk by the beach and swing the bottle as far away as possible into the sea. What I don't really mind is the aftermath of the hang over.

Maybe this is part of being strong. Maybe this is the training I seek. Maybe tomorrow will dawn to a better day. Maybe after this I'm growing away from naiveness.

And I had a serious bad day!


shiuan said...

jiayou la..i also beh tahan certain ppl..but trying my best to ignore them..

you are owaz smart n bright in the class la..so, dun care those ppl yang tak ada mata, those who underestimate you..

time will prove it..

How Jun said...

Found a solution to the problem. Mind over emotion! After I realize the solution is so simple, there is much curse directed to myself. All the knowledge learnt has gone to waste. Anyways, thanks Shiuan for your support. You've been always a true friend and I appreciate it very much.

shiuan said...

belanja me makan char koey tiow when i go back la..muahahaha..

miss penang food..no place can fight penang la..