Monday, January 25, 2010


When I refer to Pan Malaysia Website, I couldn't believe my eyes. There it is, the glittering lottery numbers shining back at me, telling to apply for leave and head towards KL. It's time to claim my price that Pan Malaysia owe me for a long long time. RM3 millions worth of warmth awaits me out there. The moment was so breathless it's like an avalanche forcefully crashing down on me...taking every single breathe away rendering me dumb founded and unabling all movements. When I was typing my resign letter on my handphone (ya, just sms to resign there is no need to be official cause I couldn't be bothered anymore about anything else) suddenly, "RINGG RINGG" (more of Imperial March from Starwars really)...pulling me from "reality" back into cruelty. My dream was shattered into countless pieces and I was back again into this pointless meaning less world.

Do you ever dream of winning a lottery? Do you even buy a lottery ticket? I find that many people tend to think winning lottery is a hard but I think other wise. See, to strike is not at all excessively tough because all we needed to do was to buy the ticket and wait to win. THATS ALL. All the rest will be handled by PMP itself. There is no need to be on diet for 7 months, there is no need to climb himalaya and pray to the lord (if HE does exists) and certainly there is no need to murder or steal. All we need is RM3 actually. So, I'm quite amazed how people think different over certain matter.

"There is no need to murder or steal, all we need is RM3"

The draw is about every 20 days so I think it's rather foolish not to buy. Imagine, only RM3 you may win yourself a price so high, you may retire at that instance. No estacy is capable of offering such pleasure and high. But, even every ticket we bought gives us a chance to Shangri La the chance is rather slim. The probability is 0.0000001 over 1 which mean, you're more likely to die in an asteroid impact in US than to win a lottery. Winning the jackpot has an equal chance of getting struck by lightning. lol...

Does that mean when you buy 2 tickets, you have better chance of winning? Yes, do the math....but for me 0.0000002 has no difference with 0.000001 and both is almost equal to nothing. Nevertheless never try never know. All I ever buy is one ticket for every draw.

Top THREE List that I want but even winning a lottery cannot get me:

  1. Aston Martin Vanquish.
  2. A huge bungalow with 10 000 sqft built up. .  
  3. A brain that will make me more money than winning a lottery. 
P/S: This incident made me miss one of my friend Aeroplane Shiuan very much. Are you out there Shiuan? Are you reading my blog? How dare you if you're not! I remember back at the 2nd year of varsity where I tricked her into believing I won lottery, she even called up her sis and got me all the details from collecting the prices to which investment to make. How cute, but memories


kenwooi said...

how i wish i can strike the lottery too =P

shiuan said... panggil me here ah?

Kutuk me pula..i wish i can win lottery also..then no nid to study and work so hard already..

Hui Yi said...

*piak* wake up lor