Monday, January 18, 2010

Mi Shining Armour

Can't believe it took me about 1.5 hour just to upload a photo to my blog. I'm timing this just to create a new threshold of internet service incompetence. Well, thanks to Streamyx this is possible. Anyways, the fuck with Streamyx this blog is not about that useless company but I'm incorporate some "friendly" criticism in this post though. Here it goes...

The car is easily one of our biggest possession and to have it, we're paying 10 long years of loan (ya, poor bastard like me have to drag the period as long as possible). So, it's most important that our vehicle doesn't break down, well as least not as frequent as Streamyx connection. Last saturday, I spent whole afternoon rejuvenating V (that's what I called my white Myvi). It's so shocking the substantial amount of dirt accumulated on the paint finish after only a year. Basically put, V was yellow, literally. Exactly one year ago, this was how V was like. This is a picture of sunset at my apartment.

And the reflection of the hill on V. Looking at the pictures makes me wonder,  people burn churches but why wouldn't they burn streamyx?

But after a long year, V lost her grace. It's like forcing her to do all the dirty job without really caring her properly. She has carried me miles without a slightest complain. So, I thought it's time for me to restore her glory. My materials were quite simple, a few pieces of cloths, MeGuiars, Soft99, Rejex and Black & Decker orbital polishing machine, I did what had to be done. Perhaps I'll eleborate more on the steps involved in future posts huh? After 6 long hours, this is how V looks today. 

She's even more brilliant at night. I will vote with all my thumbs and toes for rejex if I have to. The glaze is just perfect. I didn't regret having the bottle shipped all the way from US a year ago. Car lovers, this is definitely the  wax to go... However, if you haven't been cleaning your car properly prior to applying Rejex wax, the dirt will stay for at least a couple of months. No point scrubbing, it won't come off.

Apart from back ache and a shining car, the package comes with deep satisfaction. I just saved paying car care centre RM350 by doing it myself, this is another way I can make sure only the best is given to V. People always say "Woman loves a man in uniform" and I always say "Man loves a car in shining armor".

P/S: Washing, polishing and waxing V took the same amount of time to publish this post. Am I quick? lol


j_yenn said...

Wow. Someone's photography skills really very good lah ;>

How Jun said...

Oh thanks. So happy to hear that :) wanting a SLR badly lar

j_yenn said...

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