Sunday, January 10, 2010

My first day in school

I heard so many people taking leaves at the beginning of January 2010, simply because they had to go to school. Wait, aren’t they working already? ya….it’s their children first day in school. So, the filial parents had to accompany their children to the first day (orientation). From what I heard, some had orientation for a few days and it lasted from morning to evening. Can you remember what was your first day in school like?

I remember my first day very well. My father taught me my first English words “Teacher, please may I go to toilet?” and he had me recite that for many many time. He fetched me there (St Xavier Primary School at Jalan La Salle) at 7.30AM, dropped me there and bye bye. He told me, I shouldn’t cry and I didn’t. The only motivation got me walked into the school was there were many “friends” of my age. And the very first friend I made was Choong Choon Hau.

My family was poor and still is though…sigh. So I had no pocket money till standard 3 where I was given allowance of 50cents. There was no raise till form 1. How much was 50cents back then? It’s at much as a canteen fried rice and nothing more. How much is kids getting nowadays? I think it’s a PS3 every quarter year. Kids these days are damn rich.

In standard 3, we were fortunate enough to visit KL for my first holiday out of Penang. Therefore, I saved my 50cents for 100 days so that I have 50 bucks to spend. But ended up0 I didn’t spend a single of my RM50.

In summary, I can say that I’m one of the poor kid who went to school empty pocket. But I’m not the only one. I think the fortunate ones had only RM1 in their pockets. How was your primary schooling years?


Hui Yi said...

Last time I think my pocket money was RM1.00. Hehe.. my mom also didn't stay in school the whole day but just perhaps 1 hour? I really cannot understand what parents can do by staying the school whole day and even few days. It's just a kind of disturbance for teacher I guess. However, I haven't reach that stage and I won't understand the feeling of becoming parents. I just wish that I will not become that kind of parent.

j_yenn said...

My mum accompanied me in kindergarten for ONE WHOLE DAY last time during the first few days. When I started Standard One, I was free to roam about on my own already :P