Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Resolution

Actually, when we turn on the radio (no matter which station) around New Year Eve, it’ll be all the same content. That is “what did you do on the past  355 days and what is your new year resolution?”. All the DJ will be focusing on the same thing whole day and sometimes I find it quite annoying. Nevertheless, I would thank them for their reminders.

Flash back what happened in 2009 made me sad and happy for the same time. I did not achieve much which I can only summarize on 4 quarters of the year;

  1. 1st quarter. Took my AFAS and passed smoothly. To date, I have Malaysia Fumigation License, Australian Fumigation License and Pesticide Applicator License. That practically make me one of the youngest in the country to have the licenses and fumigator internationally. Apart from that, I obtained my NIOSH and CIDB license too. Basically put, I passed all the licenses that I need in ONE year. Yah00!
  2. 2nd Quarter. Got really involved into sales and met a lot of people. I spent 3 full months building my rapport with customers and learning about the “real” world. Apart from that, nothing much really.
  3. 3rd Quarter. The busiest days of my life. I was running everywhere giving trainings and talks to clients. Basically, you can deduce that I’m involving a lot in my work for the whole year. After half year into marketing, i finally grasped the kick of selling. Also, I achieve Competent Communicator and be Treasurer of Farlim Toastmasters Club.
  4. Final Quarter. Celebrated my own birthday, my GF birthday and our first anniversary as well.  I’m really glad to be with her, the most important woman of my life (apart from my mom of coarse). To date, I achieve more than  RM200 000 sales for the company (for a newbie, I think it’s acceptable). At the very end of the year, I finally registered M.Sc. in USM for termite management. Went to Hatyai for the first time for holiday on my own after soooooo many years of non stop sprinting.

So, this year, I’m gonna blog about my “to do” list so that after announcing to everyone, I have to achieve them. Also, it’s like keeping a record for future reference.

  1. Priority. Publish at least one scientific paper in an international journal.
  2. Accumulate enough money for investment. Must work towards the ultimate goal: financial freedom.
  3. Manage my blog well. Publish more “yau yii si” posts. hehe…Gonna visit Angkor Wat soon!!!Can’t wait.
  4. Prepare for the 6th goal.
  5. *secret* if I tell you I have to kill you! joking joking….
  6. Love my GF more and more…
  7. Go for another holiday with my GF at year end.
  8. Achieve all the above.

Unfortunately goal no 5 and 6 I can’t really elaborate on them because it’s quite sensitive. So do me a favor, don’t ask. When time is ripe, I’ll tell. I hope I can really achieve them all. How about you? Do you have any resolution?


kenwooi said...

all the best in achieving your resolutions!
happy new year! =D

Jacqueline said...

Happy New Year... Hahaha!!! 1 of the rule for setting up new year resolution is not to tell anyone... and u listed all of them down... LOL! Good Luck!!

Btw, I thought it will take up to 2 years or more for a journal to be published? I'm still waiting for mine to be processed.... =(

j_yenn said...

I gave up resolution-making a long time ago cos I kept breaking them :P

Wong How Jun said...

Haha...I made some impossible to achieve goals so that if I fail, at least it's only 1 step below the actual target. Thanks for dropping yall.

Angie said...

Hi, discovered your blog by chance and I think it is fabulous, well written and with lots of humour which I love.

ok about your resolutions...may I guess no. 5 and 6?... will that entail a marriage proposal??hehehe sshhhh...did I let the cat out of the bag???..:-)
Cheers and have a great day..