Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photoshooting with a virgin Nikon D3000

I was using this camera (Lumix LZ28) for about a year plus...
Then I think it's time that I should get myself a SLR. Been longing that for ages actually. Finally, I got myself a Nikon D3000. As compared to the compact, I feel that the SLR definitely offers more customization and the photos taken are more real as compared to the Lumix which feels like the photos are processed.
At the moment I have deprived my whole account for this bulky machine, I will have to make do with the kit lens (18-55mm). The angle is not as wide as the Lumix and aperture not as big. Never the less, the contour and colors appears more lively than the Lumix. So, as a new exited owner of a SLR, it's quite normal for me to snap everything that come into sight. From the view finder, everything looks great. 
My 9 year old key board looks great.

The magazines on my table look great.

The STPM time table on the wall looks great. Lol, the exam was 6 years back. Kinda miss it now.

Even my old apartment looks great.

Everyone say Hi to my dog PIPI. Don't ask me why the silly name, it's given by my mom.

To test the camera further, I went to Air Itam Dam to snap some random photos. The dam is situated about 10 min drive from my house. 

Not exactly a big dam but it supplies water to a big part of Penang and drains water from nearby joggers.

I remember when I was a kid, my parents sat me on the wall and I got fever for a whole week. The heat subsided when my aunt brought me to a medium. lol...

This is definitely a cool place for jogging. Apart from fresh air, the scenery is awesome. You could see whole of Georgetown from here but from this distance, KOMTAR appears like tooth pick.

It's some of the limited undisturbed forest available in Penang. Personally I like this photo very much, until now, I still couldn't believe this is the product of ME and my camera. 

It was sunset and the light was too bright. So, I ended up taking over exposed photos. Nevertheless, before I went home, I tried some techniques that normal compact cameras are not capable of.

Cool eh? Maybe it's time you should get a SLR too. The results is definitely worth it but it cost a muscle to carry and a hefty price. 

p/s: I took 284 photos and these are the best. I'm not really used to the camera yet, hopefully I'll improve soon enough for Angkor Wat. Hehe


shiuan said...

how much you bought the d3000?

when u going angkor wat..i am going to vietnam this june..

How Jun said...

bought it at RM1940 + 4Gb + bag + HOYA lens protector + screen protector. Quite a deal huh? Going angkor wat this coming March hehe

Hui Yi said...

Good shot. Keep it up