Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some post I wrote on another blog ages ago....

Below is a post which I wrote on 20th april 2009. Ya I know it was stone age already but somehow I love this post more than any others that I have published. Lol...time really flies...and I no longer write like that anymore. Reading it again, I can't believe I wrote this stuff, it's so offensive. lol

Vista, Live Vs Mac

Please do not blame me for the ugly blog layout. It's all because of the stupid Windows Writer Crashed and the stupid HTML formatting that this site provide. I guess a laksa Apek will have fewer problems with diarrhea than with blogging in this site. It'll all be settled soon when I have my Mac. There goes all the routine OS crashing, hang, viral attack, spy bots and a big chunk of my money. Anyways, I have just saved 50 cents so there is a long way to sulk. In fact, Vista has so many bugs that I think we have less problem with the Hemiptera family. For those who cannot comprehend what is Hemiptera, don't bother. Just like me not giving a damn what is HTML formatting while typing this blog. Am I stupid?Am I? Well take a look at the layout of this blog and you’ll probably lose interest and click away. Is that my problem? Well NO. Big fat bloody NO. As usual, I will not say that I have a problem, but Windows Live has problems. Live Writer doesn’t work. Nor can it be easily deleted. Blogging is made tough when we have to do it the HTML way, if imagine you have shit the HTML way. When there is no obvious way we can change to non-HTML and I don’t really bother, that’s the time we learn to live with whatever bull shit we were given. Do you think I have the time to shift+, p shift+. Shift+, end shift+. everytime I wanna write something? That’s like wearing an underwear with a coded lock and every time we wanna shit, we need to wind the dail to unlock and when we forgot the password we’ll shit in our pants. Well that sounds layman to me. And I’m a lay man. I only have one word to describe about Windows Vista, "stupid". And I’m even dumber for buying it. I have not owned a Mac before so I can't really say that it's more superior compared to a PC. But I do know this, even Laksa apek will love a MAc simply because of the layout and design. The system is easier to operate than a toilet flush. For those who do not agree probably doesn't flush the toilet. PC is like a toilet. People like me who doesn't know how to flush a "PC" toilet probably will think that a PC stinks. Not that I refuse to flush but it's simply getting more and more complicated to operate. When a PC shows an error, I can't even comprehend what is it about. What "error code: 0003625"? That is bull shit to me. Why can they just tell us that there is not enough graphic to support? A linguist will probably find that a PC language is harder than greek combined with Korean. And a linguist will probably love Mac because the layout alone offers more orgasm when we jerk off while watching porn with it. The older version of Macbook even colored a bit spermy. Anyways, my point is PC sux and currently to me, Mac Rock. That's only my personal view. Feel free to criticize my writing disagree with me. I don't give damn. When you have a PC that crashed so many time like I had, you'll probably don’t give a damn like me.

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