Thursday, January 21, 2010

Streamyx has done it again!!!!

Finally I made a call to streamyx after lousy connection since Sunday. Let me illustrate how lousy the connection was;

  1. Loading into facebook took 15 min.
  2. Loading into streamyx speedometer page: practically failed.
  3. Messenger connection: failed.
  4. Blogging: 6 hours to up load (max record).
And when I was updating the antivirus, this is the type of connection that I got, the speedometer test shows over 1.4Mb/s download but hung at the upload. My antivirus is downloading 0Kb/s at the very same moment. Look at the graph, there is no chart at all. Then I made a call to streamyx begging for help.

The operator asked me to restart the modem and did a lot of stuff which I feel was redundant. Aren't we supposed to get a stable connection? If the connection is not stable, aren't they supposed to do something at their side instead of ours?

So I got 2.2Mb/s connection apparently (from the speedometer) and she said I was given more than enough. Can you imagine? Connecting to facebook took 15 min and the speedometer showed a 2.2Mb/s download speed. Man, can't browse into google is more than enough for her. After she resetted the port, my connection went back to "normal" which after the call was hung, the connection went back to the real normal (slow like fuck!).

This was the following conversation
Me: If you know that your customer is having the same problem everymonth, why can't you all so some maintenance every month?
Operator: No sir, we can only trouble shoot every time you report sir.
Me: Is it your policy for the customer to call every month? I'm paying rental for the telephone line just for the sake of lodging complains.

And the rest of the conversation will be as bull shit as their services. In the end the conclusion that I can deduce is:

  1. Streamyx doesn't do maintenance for the client. 
  2. Despite knowing a single client is facing trouble every month, their policy is to ignore the problem and pretend like nothing had happened.
  3. The client is to inform them the problem and effort to improve the situation is not encouraged. 
  4. The speedometer is totally bullshit!
  5. The CEO doesn't give a shit about the customers. Refer to this post. It is ok if the connection always fail. No need follow up. 


Ryu_kun said...

YOu are right..i also have s same problem this couple streamyx having a maintanens

Farlim Toastmasters Club said...
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giap said...

you will need to clear your cache before you re-run the speedometer. By the way, what I normally did when facing the connection problem is
1) Call to the customer service center.
2) Tell them your problem and the important part is tell them that you have done everything you can do (even you don't) before you dial in ( example : restart modem, direct connect from telephone line, speedometer check, flush dns)
3) once they heard you have done everything, they will directly give you the report number and wait for next day, the technician will come to fix your problem. Let the technician know your problem (instead of customer service). Because their technician is contract staff from other company which perform way better than streamyx staff. (According to technician, all the streamyx staff are idiot and do nothing)

How Jun said...

Haha. I will try that. But normally I prefer to scream at the customer service first!