Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY = another year ol'er

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but Chinese New Year to me has becoming more and more like ordinary days (apart from the traffic jam of course).  Remember when I was small, fire works were "quite legal" so there were plenty of sparks and lights squirting during the season but recently due to the strict enforcement, the excitement was drastically reduced. Nevertheless, it's a good thing less houses got burnt down.
As usual, we had a family gathering at the eve at a fancy restaurant where often the waitresses were grumpy.

Thumbs up for this restaurant not because of the food but rather the hospitality provided. Despite missing reunion dinner, the owner and employees served us with a broad smile. Sometimes I feel bad for them, to make extra income, they had to sacrifice valuable time serving us which watching families feasting together right at their nose. Therefore I feel that I should promote for them a little...The restaurant is situated at Crystal Point Penang (the biggest roundabout in the island, you wouldn't miss it)

First dish is always Yu Shang. As for the history, this dish was started from Ipoh, Perak (not Hong Kong folks!) and slowly it's famed towards other parts of the world. We believe that by tossing high during mixing, we'll get good fortune in business for the years to come. Since my bro is starting his own business this year, he gets to mix first. It's actually quite disgusting to mix Yu Shang. We're actually mixing our saliva into the dishes. Imagine you're kissing your bald uncle. Damn. 
I think if the sharks are extinct, Chinese should be held responsible for it. No matter what occasion, there is Shark Fin Soup. I felt a bit bad every time this dish was served but my crave for the fins quickly overwhelmed the guilt. Haha...Guess that why we're on top of the food chain. 
Hey, I'm not exactly that greedy ok. There are some which I loafed. For example this Abalone with Mushroom and Broccoli (Shit, it's spelled with one L and 2 C), I wonder why would anyone like this dish since it tasted so plain and unattractive.
Overall, the food is only "so so" but I like the dessert. Winter Melon sorbet with Sago. Actually, it's not the food that matters, it's more like precious family bonding time.  
My cousin brought along a bottle of red wine which tasted not bad. My parents didn't allow me to drink any liquor since young. Now I cannot drink at all. So if you have kids, train them. There's nothing wrong in drinking, just don't get drunk. My first drunk experience was at 9 years old. One of the family member brought back white wine from Australia and it tasted so damn good. I remember drinking 2 cups and apart from that, the next thing I knew was morning. 
In the past, we would quickly went home to "hoi toi" (gamble) but since the family had shrunk so much, there no more kaki and we ended up gossiping away. My mom's side was almost like casino for all the 15 days. This year, it's just a few of us chatting away at the Hotel living room and me of course toying with my SLR. Here is one particular shot which I like best. Chinese New Year is so calm and serene. Feels like Christmas more than CNY.   
Oh ya, this year my status is already upgraded to UNCLE. WTF I'm only 24.  I remember his father used to run around shooting other kids with fire works but now he shoots his wife and resulted in this <<<<.Anyways, everyone meet Jayden. Cute right? Staring down at the little fellow made me really appreciate the process of aging. 
There are some years went by when I looked only towards the front but definitely not this year. This year I looked back and there's countless fond memories I would smile for. How about you? After so many steps ahead, have you taken one step back? Happy Chinese New Year everyone. 

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Hui Yi said...

Yu Shang started from Ipoh? I never know about it. Wao, so proud of my hometown~