Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Evanis Ventures

Finally after talking so much and did nothing we gathered the balls and got it registered. When I was there at ROC with my bro cum partner, we were quite nervous because apart from driving there, we prepared nothing. Had not even thought of a name for the company. To us, the most important thing is brain juice and hard work rather than fancy documents and flashy names. Anyways, we were scratching our head when suddenly this name came along and we just scribbled it down the application forms seconds before our turn to hand in the forms.  

Basically this company handles Interior Design and carpentry works but we think we'll sapu anything that makes money. So guys, if you have anything at all to suggest or shall you need some revonation please drop it at 

This is a little something that we started and hope to grow into something that may canopy our family comfortably in the future. We're not sure whether it'll work or not but at least the first step in now taken, we should give it the best shot we can. Actually, it's my bro's company after all but heck, my name was in the form. Haha. That makes me a director now. But hey, don't call me boss, I don't get a single cent; signed the paper incase my bro needed aid. So in the future, there'll be more posts regarding the produce of our baby. 


Heryrhey said...

Not really because I was assisted by several poems from friends, relatives and my family. The purpose of the title poem is that anyone who reads this poem will feel like his own poetry. I just wanted to share the inspiration with all the people in the world friends.

Rae said...

happy chinese new year to u too :)

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Thanks for dropping by my blog

All the best in your new undertakings :D

How Jun said...

Thanks man, Happy Chinese New Year!...last day d