Monday, February 22, 2010

First Time


After merely 6 days from registration, Evanis has got her very first job already. Although the fee was almost pathetic we took it nevertheless. We feel that as a beginner, we should be too choosy about what we can eat. To grow healthily into a mature business, Evanis needs to consume what ever available to obtain sufficient amount of nutrient ($$ and experience). So her very first business order was a trolley ramp that measured 5.5 X 19 X 19.5 inches (0.5 = half inch). Price = secret! 

 The objective is to crease a ramp to push trolley from the corridor into the shop. The ramp has to be strong and light because we're using it to push trolley carrying 30 kg gas cylinders into the shop from the corridor. Since the user is a lady, metal ramp is not suitable. To withstand the weight and pressure, this ramp is made of solid wood instead of plywood. 
The bottom of the ramp is reinforced with layers of beams to confirm the stability. I bet with this design, you can hump a camel on top of it and the pieces will still stay intact! 

I must say that though it is not making a kitchen cabinet but the work is not easy. It requires a lot of brain juice and skills. Previously I thought making a cabinet is just a matter of getting the right measurements and right screws but it is definitely more than that. For a noob like me, no matter how accurate the measurements that we've cut, the rubbish that we've created will never be stable. Of course there are some hidden techniques which I'm yet to discover. 

Do you know what's the size of the screws in the pictures? My bro could tell me that it's 1' and 1'2''. For me it's like looking at my dick and try to estimate the size. For me, I would focus on maximizing its usage. So know your size before screwing around.

We applied some decor at the sides after realizing how ugly it looks with nails all over. 

After realizing how ugly the side looked with nails all over, we decided to decorate it up a bit. The cosmetic materials was scavenged from the used materials around the factory (rubbish la), so we did the environment some favor while doing business. I think we deserve a nobel price for that. lol
And finally, we realised that we cannot afford QC test from SIRIM, we decided to do our own evaluation. That's me jumping on the ramp and it managed to survive even after 10 stomp. I weigh 51Kg at least (ya, I know I'm think, comment for that is not welcomed!
Just like dogs left urine to mark their territory, we simply couldn't resist to leave ours. With this beginning, we hope  it's a good start for us. Until the next job, jiane. 


j_yenn said...

Very nice pics :)

Cool way of labelling the pics with your blog address too!

Happy belated Chinese New Year!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your venture. Though, really, you shouldn't be relying on luck :)

Nice pics BTW

smallkucing said... are not only good with your hands but also a great photographer! Love the photos in your blog

How Jun said...

Thanks man....

Hui Yi said...

Nice shot :) More and more jobs will be coming in. Gambate