Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

I remember when I was small, Chinese New Year was an exciting event. By that I mean it's so breathtaking that I could sleep while waiting for its arrival. My mom had to pat me to sleep using a cane. Sigh... The main reason this celebration is so worth waiting is, I get to see all my relatives and especially cousins. Back then, I only get to see them several times a year and now it's getting less and less. Probably due to pressure from the society that we have to move on with our busy life hence less time for all nonsense. The huge family tree was thorn apart by lightning several year ago rendering the circle of the "official" family smaller. This year for what ever reasons, I couldn't wait to see everyone again. Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year folks. I wish you all a healthy and brimming prosperity year a head. This year I will add another phrase in the wish, I wish you all significant increase in Intellectual Capacity in the year ahead.
Since the economy is bad and I couldn't afford anything physical, this is a "Phong Kam" I'm sending. Hope you like it :)

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j_yenn said...

GONG XI FA CAI!!!!! :)