Sunday, February 28, 2010

Malaysian Attitude Towards Criticisms

Before I actually begin my gibberish, lets watch the videos.

Above was two videos which I found after wandering pointlessly in youtube for the whole bloody night. While I find nothing in particular fascinating about the content of the clips, it's the comments column which actually magnetized me. I'm not trying to offend any party here for I feel that sometimes Malaysian has to accept criticism politely positive.
The Myvi that I own is not at all a bad car but try tackling Cangkat Jering with it you'll find that the miniature 1.3L engine under the bonnet will only bring you up to 80km/H while screaming all the way up. For me a Myvi is a at the top in the list of the basic car range but heck, all Malaysian cars are only basic even the spec may write bombastic lines. Personally I cannot blame the Top Gear folks for their awful views but Malaysian cars to them is like Tata Nano to us.  Comment which comes after the price will be "take it up to 60km/H you'll probably need a technician to put everything together again". Nevertheless let's compare the the average salary in Malaysia and UK and the cars that we can afford.

1. Malaysia
Wage: RM3k
Car you can own: Perodua Myvi SE @ about RM53K

2. UK
Wage: 3k pound.
Car you can own: BMW 3 Series Coupe M3 @ about 52k pound.

And let's assume the BMW M3 is only RM350k here, you basically have extra about RM300k for lifetime petrol, road tax, tires, body kit, insurance and another Merc C200 perhaps if you buy the Myvi. With the kind of wage, do not forget you'll still need to feed your Myvi, not like it'll run on air alone. RM300k is enough money to fill 167k litres of Ron95 into your pathetic proud Myvi. With 6000 people opt for Myvi instead of Merc, the money saved is enough to fill Mengkuang Dam with Ron95 at the current price and with that we'll probably have enough petrol for the next decades. Of coarse europe is the manufacturer of Merc but heck, isn't Malaysia the manufacturer or Perodua? And owner of Petronas at the same time? Doesn't that give Malaysia an edge over automobil sales price? Probably who ever doing the math for pricing possibly uses his fingers which only limits up to 20 for calculation(21 if he's male).

What could be more wrong than paying almost half of our salary for the car, the other quarter for petrol and maintenance and another quarter to income tax? Wait doesn't that leave us with literally nothing? Damn, I guess that's why the city council left all the grasses spring; you know where to go when you're hungry.


Alpha Ace said...

i know about this too ... perhaps most Malaysian knew it too...

our G-Force were breeds of brute Draculas that keep sucking away our blood money. I really hate them you can see from my posts.

they were bunch of monkeys!!!
no wonder Indon now in Malaysia is 2millions out of our 27mills many percents d ya??? 7%???

Malaysia Bankrupt(brain drain)

How Jun said...

Don't say like that. We should be proud to be Malaysian. It's a "unique" country. Well blood suckers are all over the world, just that we have more here.

Manju said...

oh sometimes i'm on youtube only to read comments. the dumb ones are particularly amusing lolz

Alpha Ace said...

haiz ... ya~

got used to it d ...
just chill out LoL~