Friday, February 5, 2010

Typical Eventful Day

Warning! This is gonna be a long post!

Well, I cannot afford fancy holiday to Europe or even Singapore. Life for me is everyday xeroxing the day before. Therefore, I need to find inspiration to keep carry on passing time. So I think it's best to treat everyday as a holiday since I go different places and meet different people almost everyday.
My day starts with a simple "cheap" breakfast at some lane around Georgetown.
Accompanied by a pack of Nasi Lemak.
Actually the meal only cost RM1.80 normally but today 2 of my technician joined me for breakfast. At the end they assume that it's my duty to pay everything, so my simple breakfast turned into an expensive 5 start lorong breakfast (RM3.80). As usual, I went to the office to show my face to the bosses. Pretend to be busy and buzz around for awhile before I took off to Bangkok Lane. There I did some presentation to the Cheah Family. The whole presentation and questionnaire session ended after 2 long agonizing hours and we did some cam-whoring. 

From left, Boobalan is the building manager for the family, middle is me and on my left is Jason Cheah. Well, Jason is...erm...a good boy. Ya...a good boy. 
Since I was nearby, the next stop is Burma Lane where lay the tourist trap, Burmese Temple!. Photo time!

The architecture is simply amazing. Even after taking so many photos through these years at this place, I feel that the temples are still fascinating enough for a few more sessions.
There are countless figures for cam-whoring but I was there alone. So, there is no one to hold camera for me.
Apart from Buddha statues there are some animal carving. At some angle, they look alive. 
Sleeping Buddha is the main attraction...It's about 40m long. 

That reminds me about Thern's blog. Imagine you got a super poke from this guy.

The temple was literary carved from wood. Look at all the wooden structures. 

At the entrance we were welcomed by hot angels. I would dare going near her. See her bf behind. 

A must go place if you ever come to Penang. After snapping substantial amount of photos, it's time for lunch...finally. So I went to Seck Chuan Road for a light lunch. It's right beside Chulia Street but I kinda wondered, why is Seck Chuan a road when Chulia is only a street. Chulia is about 3X the size of Seck Chuan. 

It's a part of Penang where building old fashioned. This is the centre of Penang where UNESCO announced as heritage site. Sadly rumor says that we'll soon lose the heritage status. At this area, we often see kuai lou roam around looking for cheap hotels. Basically you can find everything here; construction tools, vegetables, antiques, bak kua and even prostitutes. Let's talk about bak kua. Chinese New Year coming right? Everyone loves Bak Kua...ever wonder how they're made? 

I found these sun bathing in the alley. Birds might add some flavoring while we did not noticed. Maybe that makes this taste better. 

It's pretty humid in Penang, so for lunch an Iced-Herbal-Tea is a must to prevent sun stroke. There is a stall at Chulia Street selling good Wan Than Mee. For me, this is the best so far. If you think it's no good, I think probably your tongue needs some maintenance. 

Look at the meat inside the skin. Unlike most Wan Than Mee, the Wan Than over here are generously packed with meat.  

Dessert for me was some Java Apple. It cost me RM1.50 which I think is over priced. Nevertheless, this stall  has been selling fruits for a few decades. It's fresh! You may want to take this to rehydrate after visiting prostitutes. 
One this I don't understand is, why do we have to pay for parking in Penang? 
We are already paying road taxes. This and that taxes. Not like anyone is there to care for our car. After paying it's still park at our own risk. If we're gone for long hours, it's very troublesome to keep on coming back to reload these hopeless machines. It's not properly maintained where sometimes when we insert coins, the time will not top up. 

Parking tickets are even worse. After issuing the ticket, the parking attendant will conveniently gone missing. We're supposed to hunt for him or pay the fine after several days. I think this is bull shit!

Anyways, next I went to Kuantan road for some work. Nothing interesting there apart from the heat! Luckily my next stop was Gurney Plaza...hehe...air con...air con....
After completing all my works, on the way coming down to my car, there's some live drawing show. The artist was damn pro. so I didn't miss the chance to capture the moments. There's a sailor wannabe being drawn. It's so amazing how skillful the artist and that dude sat for hours. 

As I wanted to capture a good shot, this bitch came along. Brainless motherfucker. It's not like she didn't aware there are some snapping photos but she couldn't give a damn. Wanted to ask her to "fuck off" in Japanese but I figured she wouldn't understand anyways. 
These are his product for sale. One of the girls is Crystal Liu Yi Fei. There's Bruce Lee and Andy Lau too. Damn, he's good!

It rained on the way home....not unusual to rain but on a hot glaring day? The sun was still burning the ground while the hot rain poured mercilessly. Pity those bikerz. 

On the way, my friend called and we chatted for 41min and 19 sex...oops...19sec. I think he's lonely.

After a quick dinner, I was off to Pu Xian temple for the opening ceremony of the Buddha Statues. 
Walao, 3 temples in a day! I was there on time for the longwinded speech by Dato Seri Ong Ka Chuan. This is the first time I see a big shot arrived on time. 
Why do they have to speak so long huh? The ceremony ended with lion dance and firework that attracted me to the event. Photo session!
That's basically 1 day for me. Thanks for reading, yawn...time to sleep. 

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Hui Yi said...

A very long blog. Somebody kept on showing off with his new camera. Anyhow, good shot. Next time can hold a photo session for me already. :)