Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Begining of Another Chapter in Life

I was staring for 2 hours at this particular photo as if waiting for an answer in life. The past episode has made me really disappointed and frustrated simply because I have focused too much onto others. I care too much about how others think and feel. I have hoped and expected too much from others and forgotten all about myself. I forgot that sometimes the solution to a despair is to move on. Previously when things don't work out I said to myself "it's ok, this is a valuable lesson in life and I shall be stronger after this". It's foolish to keep repeating that countless times. Those lines were reasons for losers and are acts of cowardice. The line that I shall say from this day forth is "it's ok, just move on".


Hui Yi said...

Don't be so frus about it.. sometimes working life are like that. :)I believe one day you will make your own path for working and that will be the end for everything

j_yenn said...

Life will always be full of such misadventures. Depends on how you get yourself out and carry on :)

KiNn said...

ur pic looks like a movie poster! nice!