Thursday, March 11, 2010

Contrast In Life

I have just came back from delivering a quotation to client. And before that I visited a friend who is a very hardworking real estate agent. Well, Lawrence one of the poor folk who's affected badly by the economy diarrhea. I heard he worked as cleaner in Hotels and now he's a security guard in an apartment which requires him to post from 7PM to 7AM. In the morning he'll be New Bob real estate agent and he's in his 60ties this year. As for me, I can regard myself as a sales man in the company. To generate sales for commission, I had to work my ass off the limited fats. Even though I'm in the verge of collapsing tonight, I just couldn't put myself to rest because a client wanted the quotation ASAP and he's only available at night, therefore I traveled the extra mile. But I consider myself lucky as compared to Lawrence. So the question is, does working hard means extra earning? Does working hard means better living and better income as compared to others? Sadly it's a "no no" in this case. Basically, to get commission and get paid in my company, this is what "we" ("" cause this statement doesn't apply to all sales person) have to conduct the following:

  1. Create awareness in our given area.
  2. Attend enquiry and survey.
  3. Work out costing and quotation.
  4. Deliver quotation.
  5. Follow up on the quote status and negotiate with clients (attend meetings).
  6. Deliver Contract and invoice. 
  7. Arrange treatment and supervise the job.
  8. Follow up on treatment.
  9. Collect payment (fuck the client on the face of he doesn't pay up and face the music at the same time).
  10. Get paid! Yahoo...

All the 10 longwinded steps to make 5%. If the contract value is RM200, we'll get RM10. Surprisingly there's parasite who survive without going through the first 9 steps. Most of the time, there's only step 10. Salesman who are reading this post, tell me, is this even possible? If it's possible, I would gladly give away my right testicle in exchange. there fairness in this mad mad world? Why is Lawrence dogging himself earn nuts while there are bastard who makes brim knowing nuts? Finally I will close this post with a quote from my primary school english teacher; I got punished because my friend made mistake and this is what he told me.

"How Jun, there is no fairness in this world" Mr. Chin, 1997. A phrase that I remembered for 13 years and it still applies till today.


shiuan said...

wth!! what kind of teacher is that?! my teachers despice poor students..useless bunch of idiots from srjk(c) kee chee..

Alpha Ace said...

very true ... this world is NOT FAIR ..but it would be fair when this world end. geeee... i'm spreading gospel again, sorry ya~ ^__^

but d darn thing was - still there is a lot them outside who are still hoping the world is FAIR.

I had accepted this fact as like you my friend ^^

By my ability even with the latest noobie video production i had posted on my blog and constant good conduct(here comes the ego)
... my pay is below 2k and with tons of debt kakaka. tak takut mati lah....

but is ok, i still can sing this song - I'm Still Alive