Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pot Black

People who know me would probably realized that I'm a snooker freak. Not to the extend that leave everything behind and live by the snooker table, but I do spend a lot of my time cueing. I savvy the process poking the balls, with a wooden cue of coarse. Snooker for me is like soccer to a lot of you, it's something I love that most of you find boring.
It is a very expensive sport in this country where the table rental is damn hefty. Average price in Penang is about RM12 for a well maintained table. Normally we'll share the fee so that it's more affordable. 

After using the crappy cues provided by the shop for sometime, I bought my own. Although it's a second party cue but at least it's my own now right? 

I have my own snooker chalk too and holder too (imported from Hong Kong). 

My own opponent (imported from Hong Kong too)

There are many interests/hobbies that became less fascinating to me but potting the balls doesn't seem to grow cold. This is one of the game where it grew from boring to interesting as time passes. You may presume that this is something hooligans and jobless thwarts indulge into but rest assured you're wrong. It requires skill, stamina, concentration, practice and it makes you feel british. 


Alpha Ace said...

nice shots d Black one ^^

... i long time no play snooker d loh.. i think got 8 years guahhh~

Hui Yi said...

when is our session 2 for snooker learning?