Thursday, March 4, 2010

What can be more Idiotic than PPPM?

This is a post where I'll be very vulgar, so if you have problems with rude wording please shove off. Or else I won't give a fuck simply coz I'm angry now. What happened was, I was called by a client renting a bungalow from the PPPM. As the organization grew, the need more space hence the building next door is the best option. And that building belongs to PPPM too. As usual, we went in for termite survey. The building was locked despite we made appointment since yesterday saying that we'll come at 2PM today. It took them 1 whole bloody hour to arrive from KOMTAR (only about 5km away) but we waited anyhow. Knowing that it's PPPM, we will not get the deal but we stayed to give some advice and helped to inspect the place. 

4 officers arrived with style;
  1. Government car with driver. 
  2. Acted like big shot but couldn't give straight answer and couldn't make decision.
  3. 1 does the talking while the other watched doing nothing else. 
  4. Totally ignored us needless mention about asking our opinion. 
  5. Discussed about ghost haunting in Penang Hill properties and humid weather instead of the topic of interest there. 

Here's the conclusion of the "discussions";
  1. They'll only provide corrective soil treatment (drilling) though our client insists on termite baiting (more advance, cost less in the long term, more environmental friendly and less damage to the building).
  2. They won't listen to new ideas of advice. 
  3. Only 25% or the of the PPPM organization are "functional" while the rest tag along to enjoy the ride.
  4. They couldn't give a fuck about destroying state properties.
  5. They couldn't give a damn about tax payers money. 
There are several issues I simply cannot understand;
  1. Corrective soil treatment will drill all along the building layout thus destroying the classic tiles of the building. If the government couldn't give a damn about the heritage buildings who would?
  2. Why wouldn't the PPPM move on with new information and ideas while JKR can? 
  3. Even being informed about higher cost involved, they simply don't give a fuck. So people, this is your blood money goes, down the drain into the pockets of blood suckers whole couldn't care less about shit! When broke they'll just tax more. GST for instance. 
  4. How come any tom dick and harry who knows nuts about anything can be an officer? 
  5. Why is PPPM owning any building at all? 
  6. Why is the need for 4 jokers to come for a building rental discussion? 
  7. Why is PPPM people rode in car with driver while the hardworking tax payers are only riding on motor under the mercy of the weather? 
  8. To get government jobs, why do we need Certificate from Ministry of Finance, enroll into their contractor listing (different bodies different list)? Isn't Register of Companies good enough? If not then why bother registering? 
  9. Why register with ministry of finance needs to pay fee? Why pay tax? 
  10. Why don't they give a fuck when the citizens are angry? 

Basically this is the sum of the questions that occurred to me during the 1 hour meeting. Finally, why are there so many weakness in the government bodies? 


Jason said...

Hello Bro!! I used to share the same frustrations when dealing with govt depts or officials! Based on my personal experience, i suggest your should not set too high expectation when you hear of govt project. Just do your best in sharing the professional knowledge to them. On the working attitude of the govt officers. nothing much you can do about it (like one working and 3 unworking thing). As for the MOF thing, i myself am still wondering until today and still can't find any answer for that as aren't we equal as we too pay tax just like any other people in Malaysia!! Isn't being judged by merit and effort is logical than ethnic-base? sum it up...what do you expect when Malaysia is still in the "developing stage" or better called as "developing country!! Bro...take it easy and look from the bright side of the other market "potentials and opportunities". Someday you will get over it...i believe!!

How Jun said...

Wah...your reply is almost as long as my post.