Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dilema over Breakfast

No idea why but feeling really pissed while having breakfast this morning and it with something petty. It all started from paying RM1 for Kopi "o" peng. I was really annoyed that I was charged RM1, not like I paid 99c yesterday or 50c suddenly it increases to RM1. It's been priced like that for quite a few months already. I was like "what the fuck? RM1 for this cup of shit?". Yeah, things are getting more and more expensive, …. It's gonna be like that from now on. Kopi "o" peng used to be 40c when I was little. A technician's wage in the factories was probably RM2k back then (I know, my father was one of them). They could afford a family, decent house, meals, in short, simple sufficient life. Today, a technician's salary is probably RM2.2k. And Kopi "o" peng is RM1. Inflation has won the race by leaps and bounds.

So I pulled out my crappy phone and went to calculator mode. The figures struck me that the amount of taxes I paid is almost equal with the amount of money I spent for food and entertainment (several movies and karaoke sessions) for the whole of last year! For fuck sakes it was hefty to pay. And what the fuck did I get in return. Nothing significant mentally tangible to me. After paying so much taxes, tomorrow I'll still be driving on such bumpy roads. Few months down the road I will still feel sore with some racist politicians uttering offensive words. And worse, his salary for being an MP comes from our taxes. And for that, we do not belong here and do not deserve the same like others. I'm not trying to dig muds and start throwing at any party but that's what I personally feel. I'm sure some do feel the same as me. Even though I work harder and pay more taxes and contributes to the EPF system, sugar prices rose, so was petrol, and situation can only be worse. If everyone stop paying taxes, will the reverse happen? Heck was I confident that EPF was a force saving system which money contributed will be invested smartly for the benefits of the shareholders (us) and nation. Instead, I heard rumors about the money spent of bailing out failing companies. Why would we want to save companies which don't contribute? Why didn't invest into those with more potential? One on the negative end and one on the positive end, and money was dump into the negative end. Do the math.

At the same time it occurred to me that we have to pay for electricity, water, internet and even rubbish collection. On top of that, all the bills are taxed. I'm quite sure some of the companies which we are paying bills made some money. Where the fuck did all the money go? I think it all went to salary and pockets of people which could deduce a person could die even though "he was not murdered" and "didn't committed suicide" and found dead due to fall impact. I thought creator of superman had good imagination but obviously not as good as him. Lol

Being lived here the whole life, I always think that this is the best nation in the world. If only certain sanction could be improved, I'm sure the whole country would propel at an insane speed. Where is the logic in limiting the economy? It's almost as if saying "I want to score only 75 in math". When the teacher award 76, start annoying him/her to get the marks deducted. Lol.

The saddest part is, besides continue paying taxes and feeling sore, there's nothing I can do without looking trouble for myself. The only sane thing I can do is to cast my angry vote when the time is due. I can only hope that my vote is significant enough.

That was breakfast.


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