Friday, February 18, 2011

It’s a frustrating world

It is very unfortunate for another of this kind of post to be published on my blog. The truth is, one of my customers has 2 types of contract with me. Let's name it service A and product B. Both are bounded with a minimum duration of at least 1 year. The reason for the contract to be that lengthy is so that I can spread the cost and make money in the long run. After about only 4 months, he decided to source for another brand of product B which has less features and lower price tag. So he called up and terminated mine. According to him, service A will be at stake if I insist to continue product B with him. If termination of any of the contracts occurs, I make losses.

So I find myself in a situation where I'm being arm twisted into the deal. After dealing with many many people, this is certainly the type that will force feed dung into people's life just to save a hundred bucks. So to all the businessmen/women out there;

  1. Do whatever you feel comfortable but do remember words spread around.
  2. What you do to us, will one day most probably come back to you.
  3. There are only so many suppliers in the market and only a handful that is loyal and trustworthy.
  4. A couple of hundred bucks could not save your business (in most cases) and what you portrait to the people around you, is priceless.
  5. A gentleman agreement is what money cannot buy.

Don't forget, most of the time, our supplier is our loyal customer. Period.

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