Monday, June 10, 2013

Diary of diary 9-6-2013

Hey, I skipped this post last night, sorry. I asked her for dinner and said that I can wait. At 8.10pm she replied my call for dinner. My waiting was worth it. I suddenly feel hungry and excited to eat. So I went. I had no idea where is the place she mentioned, she wouldn't answer my call. Just a short message stating the name of the eatery. I'm willing to take this risk. Round and round I searched. There she was, but she's there with someone else. Someone familiar to me. I guess she doesn't want to be alone with me. I'd like to have the thought that she's worried that I won't take dinner at all if she hadn't agreed. That alone soothed me a little.

I was talking to him, she was talking to him. Between us, there were not conversation. There were no eye contact. I was careful not to oversay. There was a new white purse she's holding. Did she bought that? When? Or someone gave that to her? I tried to drag my meal as long as possible to just keep her around. But the awkwardness was too much therefore I let her go. She left as if I was not there. Ouch.

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