Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Diary oh diary 11-6-2013

Today is special, I made her breakfast. I remember how she loves eggs, and today's breakfast for her is toasted whole meal bread with fried egg. If there's a way, I would like the egg to be half boiled. But she wouldn't have the time to break it and enjoy anyways. I wonder if she ate it. I hope she likes it. It'll make my effort to wake up 6am in the cold morning worth it. It'll also make my soak in the rain...worth it. Early morning tomorrow she'll be travelling to KL. So, I'll need to beat her on the clock to deliver the breakfast.

I need to come out with a menu fast, something less fattening and delicious at the same time. It'll be a challenge but I'll face it. Melting her heart again will take a lot of sincerity. And this is exactly what I have several months back. I'm wondering she'll also remember the table topics I delivered during Penang Advance meeting. The time has come. I'll prove it to her, that I was serious.

Last night she told me not to keep on disturbing her. I said ok and kept to my words. My first attempt to contact was after working hour. I'm really excited that she replied as I was prepared for the message to gone cold.

Dear diary, do you think things between us will ever improve? Will I see the day of having her in my arms again? The sky has been raining consistently for a week now. Do we share the same emotion now?

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