Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Diary oh diary 12-6-2013

Woke up even earlier today because she'll be travelling to KL. I had to beat her clock. My breakfast arrived at 5.38am and I hope that she was still around. It was even colder today with rain drizzling from the dark sky. And the way home was longer than usual. My car moved the same way it usually did but I had a lot to think about. Was I on time? Was I too late? Will she take it? Or throw it away?

Speaking of travelling reminds me of one incident. I went over to her place and we spend sometime until middle of the night. Going back was tiring and drowsy but I made it home anyways. As usual, I will take a break on my sofa before anything else. Like a switch turned on, I fell as sleep immediately. God knows how long i slept but when i woke up, there were many calls and messages on my phone. Immediately I called her back, she was furious and from her voice I could hear that she's been crying. She's worried that I did not made it home. I found myself in a guilty position but at the same time, I was brimming with job and love...that someone out there, loves me too. I know I'm blessed. I will remember that night forever.

Back to reality, I know I should have made the breakfast myself instead of buying but it's dumpling festival today. Everyone should have one. I was glad that the dumpling was still warm when I delivered to her door step. It is always better to have warm breakfast during a cold morning like this. And I hope her travel is smooth and safe.

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