Thursday, June 13, 2013

Diary oh diary 13-6-2013

Dear Diary, today i have an eye infection. Started feeling itchy when I woke up early in the morning. But I delivered the breakfast anyways. Upon reaching office, I noticed something is wrong with my right eye. The flesh inside has swollen and it's tearing non stop. The eye ball is red. Dr. says that it might be virus or bacteria infection. I'm not to work in office nor visit customer today to avoid spreading the infection.

I told her what happened but there was no reply. She doesn't care anymore? 5 years of relationship, is it possible to turn off the care immediately? Even though the way she's treated me recently, I still care a lot about her. I'd still give my life for her simply because I still love her. For 5 years we're together, she didn't really care how I was. I admit that I'm not sensitive but when she's not feeling well, I bought her meals. Bring her out for something light. Bring her to doctors. There are times when I didn't do my part well, yes, but I did everything I could when I'm aware.

I remember when she came back from NZ due to the accident, I took leave and rushed to Ipoh just to see if she's alright. I knew she's not. With a copy of the medical diagnosis, I rushed back to Penang and hopped from hospital to hospital to seek specialist opinion. I was worried like hell. I regretted I invested so much in Stocks that I did not have extra cash with me. Else I could have traveled to NZ and brought her home.

Come to think of it, whenever I was not feeling well whether ill of I cut myself, she never really cared. What's the difference this time?

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