Friday, June 14, 2013

Diary oh diary 14-6-2013

Do you know that we never talked about our issues face to face? It's always through messages. SMS, whatsapp and messenger. Last night was the first time. And it happened during break up. But this time I'm going to change all these.

I'm not going to be pathetic anymore. No more crazy spending but instead, learn to love myself. First thing is I need to change my wardrobe. Grow more hair. Get a better cut. Deliver better speeches. improve in all aspect. I'll give myself 3 months time which I will not talk to her and pretend like nothing happened. Pretend that it's alright and I moved on. But I will still continue writing this so that I do not forget about how much i love her. I know what she wants, she wants a man who's

  1. Mature 
  2. Independent
  3. Accompany her shopping
  4. Give her surprises once in a while
  5. Confident and not sulky like me now
  6. Listens to her
  7. Not arrogant and egoistic
I'm going to be that man. If she ever go shopping with me again, I'll know that she's giving me a chance. And she needs a man with a bigger chest for her to hug. 

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