Monday, June 24, 2013

Diary oh diary 24-6-2013

Dear diary, gym today is extremely tired. In fact, the whole day was tiring. I'm not sure whether is it because of the humid weather caused by the haze or is it me. I have difficulties focusing in work. Very often i found myself staring blankly into the screen without having any thoughts. And when I realized it's about 10 minutes already. Then I knew, I needed a break...from everything. From work, from Toastmasters, from the cities and also from this broken heart of mine.

It's not important where's the destination, it can be Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia or even Japan. I need to get away. And this trip I'll not be on tour or anything similar. There'll not be visitation to famous places nor fanatic shopping. This trip is for me to experience the difference in culture and language. I want to learn how other people from different ancestry live and the way of life. I want to understand why they do the things they're doing. I want to taste their food from their perspective. Is it sweeter the better or saltier than what I'm having everyday. I want to learn to care and I hope it'll open my mind and shed me off from taking anything for grated. Perhaps from those places I'll get a different perspective of life. I'll find a new purpose of life. And perhaps I'll find reason to let go.

There are many more living soul out there having far more pathetic life than I have. They might be suffering more much worse and lacking the most basic needs. They might not have enough opportunity to take care of their own emotions. I want to experience this. I want to be on the ground, on my foot to walk among their way of life. And I hope when I come back from this trip, she'll see a brand new me. Someone she'll readily accept.

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