Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Diary oh diary 3-7-2013

Hey Diary, recently I have the appetite of a beast. Not sure is it because of oh my frequent gym work out or I'm out of control. What's true is my body constantly tell me that I need more food. Here's how much I eat:

Breakfast: Half Boil Egg with Toasted Bread + Milo + Nasi Lemak
Lunch: Full Set Lunch
Tea: Ice Cream with Cookies and Chocolate
Dinner: Fish & Chips and a big plate of Roasted Pork Rice

I'm constantly hungry. With this much food, I need to burn more to build muscle. I'm afraid that I'll become fat. Let's hope I wont. From the USB Microscope, we found that there are some follicles forming on my scalp. Soon, new hair will spawn but the numbers of follicles are scarce. Not as much as I expected. There are many things I can change, my body build, my attitude, my mentality but not my scalp. This is disappointing.

During lunch my boss asked me, for Ipoh convention where are you staying? Apparently they're renting an apartment and reserved a space for me. It means our separation is that obvious. Everyone always knows. Is it my pathetic self control that gave it away?

Tomorrow is the full month of our break up. In this whole month, i kept asking myself the same question "if we're together again, could I put her as number one in my heart?". There's no point of being together if I cannot answer this question. I understand that a positive answer would mean a promise for the lifetime. It mean I have to put everything aside whenever she needs me. I thought and thought hard. Today I found the answer, "yes, I am already doing that". She's always on my mind. Everything became clear when I look deep into my heart. I wonder, what she's doing right now?

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