Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Diary Oh Diary 13-8-2013

We were having a group dinner, buffet style. . The tables and chairs were arranged in a 4 per table manner but closely placed so that even if you're tables apart, you still can have some conversation with little difficulties. For some reason, we're seated on the same table with another 2 familiar persons. I behaved like how I did recently, walking away alone to grab my food. In fact, I was not hungry but rather found myself a reason to move away from her. As I'm doing away, she removed herself from the seat and came after me. Of all the lanes possible to reach the buffet lines, she choose the same path as I did. And she took may hand as if we're couple again. Our fingers met and thoughts were running through my head. Mixed feelings blossoming and they felt good. Yes, she was missing me like I did to her. All this while, she felt the same way. It doesn't matter what happened in the past but she's here with me now.

It must have been 2 seconds then I told myself, this is not reality, that's when her sweet smiling face beside me dissolved to nothingness and I cannot remember the rest of the dream. It's the first time in my life, I knew I was dreaming. Have you ever had a dream where you knew it's not possible? Yes, all the happiness, hope, confusion were just a dream.

And waking up today felt great and worst at the same time.

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