Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Diary Oh Diary 27-8-2013

My eyes are swollen for last night I cried so much it began to hurt before I stopped. There I was sitting alone wishing all my feelings were gone. There's nothing else I could've done...so I had my last cry.

Be like this no more....

She said that she'd like to remain as friends. Point taken. I have also decided to try a bigger forest in KL. fortunate thing is my bosses accepted me with open arms. It's so scary to me right now. KL is a city foreign to me. There are so much I do not know about the place, the roads, the people and the way of life. Will I survive that? One thing I'm sure is, going places like this will keep myself busy. Keeping myself occupied so that I have no more space to think about her. It's a new adventure for me and its happening in 2014. I'm excited. Shall I make it to the top, I have her to thank. I hope one day she'll find someone far better than me. Someone that loves her more than I do. And I hope she'll tell me that she's happy....

For the moment I still love her.

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