Saturday, August 31, 2013

Diary Oh Diary 30-8-2013

I got to learn about the relationship between my brother and his once best friends. We used to hang out during chinese new years and friends would come share the joy and whatnot together. Currently seems like things has gone so bad between them there's no turning back. Their once strong relationship just like blood related is now gone. I wonder what happened? What went wrong? And all those that had happened, do they really matter? This is always the case when people argue about what they think is right or wrong. Everyone would tend to be defensive on their own opinions. That's why we have war in this world. It only serve one purpose, that is to prove themselves right. The simple entity of friendship will eventually lost it cause if we ever forget how we first started, how we used to be.

Just like us....we forgot how we were. How close we were together....those times when cuddle is all we need. Soon we add complexity to the simple relationship that we're having. As I take a closer look into what's different, it's the people around us. We've added people into the story...and for some reasons, these people's opinion became important and we start losing faith. We started listening to the others. In this complexity, "I love you" doesn't matter anymore. I'm too naive to think that being together means two person loving each other. Being friends meaning care and trust that were built over time.

Looking back at the things I did during the past 3 months making me realized how silly I was. Also I realized her importance in my heart that I totally ignore what others think about what I did. Whether it was mature or silly, all I did was emphasizing on how I felt about her. It hurts me that she's giving up on me...she's judging me on the character. From that I also realized that I was wrong. We'll always be judged. So, staying away seems like a good decision made. It might be an action to harsh on other, but I can emerge with stronger character, I'll be judge as a better person. I hope she'll be glad to see that happen.

There're so much more about the complexity of the human relationship I don't understand. How I wish it's a simple as pieces of paper bound together by the pin. There's so much for me to learn and I doubt in this lifetime, I'd ever able to explore everything. The simplicity of a relationship where love always overpower everything else...apparently...only happens in the movies. Not all movies end well. I wonder how does she feels everything she's reminded of me. Does everything that happened in between the years matter so much that our love alone is not sufficient to sustain our relationship?

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