Friday, December 4, 2009

Letter to TM

Hi, Below is the letter I sent to TM Malaysia (,,, ). I wrote the letter in the simplest english possible so that they can understand. In fact I pay RM2 in the internet cafe just to write this letter.

Dear Sir/Madam/Dato'/Datin/Dr

This letter is not going to be friendly. I'm not even sure whether would you bother to read this, but I'm writing this to express my great disappointment over the streamyx service that I have signed up one year plus ago. I used to surf at the internet cafe and the main reason I signed up for streamyx is to have a stable and convenient connection at home. But here I am now surfing miserably in the internet cafe again paying for internet services despite having signed up for streamyx. I have lost count of the number of time I have to visit the internet cafe since signing up your "service". Is it very challenging in providing a stable connection?

Please check my record for calling tmnet to file complains. My very first complain was the 3rd day after started surcribing to your service. Ever since, I'm making complains almost monthly. I'm getting very fed up of calling 100 for complains. I signed up streamyx together with my phone line which I never use, and I'm keeping it just for my convenient of dialling 100 for complains. In fact, I can recite my username using country names as initials so fast that the operator couldn't catch my words properly. I have had that much practises! Almost everytime, my calls were followed by a series of longwinded diagnosis to find no problem with my computer. The result often ends with me having no internet connection for the evening. I'm sick of coming home after a tiring working day to find that I cannot connect to the internet and be disappointed. Please tell me, the exact date or day of the month I wont be able to use the internet so that I can visit the internet cafe on a fixed schedule. Please let me know which day I should make the 100 calls so that I can anticipate for the worse instead of having surprises. I'm currently having a 1Mb contract but never could i recall having such fast connection. My bill covers for 24 hours service but the technical support is only available during office hour. That is totally not fair for the users. How do you justify the charges?
I remember meeting with the General Manager of TM in City Baview Penang last year for the promotion on the toll free and SME package. He bragged on the marvelous technical support and fast internet line provided by streamyx. My advice to company leaders is, do not boast if the performance is not up to par. To end this letter, I would like to ask, Sir/Madam/Dato'/Datin/Dr, do you use streamyx at home? How much do you need it? How do you feel about your own service? Can you understand people like me who pays a fraction of our limited salary for internet connection and to find it useless?

I do hope that you look seriously into improving your services and make our money a little bit worth paying. Thank you very much if you ever finish reading this letter.
Frustrated Streamyx User.
How Jun, Wong

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