Saturday, December 5, 2009


Got a few calls from streamyx this morning. The 1st call was from from TM Penang technician asking me whether did I check my connection this morning. Second call was from KL asking the status of my connection. Normally this doesn't happen. The caller said he received a call from his CEO and forwarded my letter. I didn't bother to ask who he is, but I did told him all I want is my internet connection back.
True enough, they fixed my line and I can surf the net again. The first thing I did was tested the band width. From the usual speed of D/L: ±400Kb and U/L: ±200Kb, now my bandwidth is D/L: ±2000Kb and U/L: ±400Kb. Obviously it's fast. Previously I had to wait awhile for the babypips page to load but now it appear like a bolt of lightning. I wonder how long will it last.


Hui Yi said...

It should can maintain quite a long time. If not just cut the streamyx line, post a blog and email the CEO again said'bye bye'. :P

Wong How Jun said...

Thank an extremely good idea!