Monday, December 14, 2009

Storm Warrior 2 review

Went for the movie yesterday at 7.30PM, surprisingly at the first sunday of the premier the tickets are easily available. Anyways, here are the details...

Simple synopsis:

A japanese warlord trying to take over china. Whispering Wind(Fung) and Striding Cloud(Wan) in attempt to overpower the bad guy, looked for means to increase their power...Fung turned himself evil. More fighting...Finally they killed the warloard, Fung went crazy and Wan tried to bring him back to sanity. The story ends with Wan fell off the cliff. 


Ekin Cheng - Whispering Wind
Aaron Kwok - Striding Cloud
Simon Yam - Lord Godless
Charlene Choi - Second Dream (Er Mong)
Nicholas Tze - Heart (warlord son)

What I think about this movie? 

All right, storm warrior movie fan, read no further. For anyone who likes to watch action movie, this is definitely the one to go. There is very little conversation in the movie (if there is, it's lame conversation mostly). Actions are good and beyond imagination. The graphics are almost perfect with sharp sound effects. The moves are smooth with the effects making it almost vivid. 

As for folks who are like me, this movie sucks. The story went on chronologically without any twist at all. Most of the conversation are inessential or lame. For example, Nameless told Wan that he has only 10% of his power left, and he wishes to pass his learning and power to Wan. I feel that he's kinda contradicting to himself. The editing are not done properly and the scene jumps surprising here and there leaving us puzzled. 

Some scene are made comical like. People expect movies to be close to the books or comics. We want to see how to directors turn the comic into a live scene. Take Lord Of the Ring for example. The director turned the book into a real Middle Earth. Which is impressive. At some point of the movie, I feel that I might as well read the comic if the scene continues to be drawing background. 

The fight with Lord Godless ended very shortly after it begins. In contrast, the fight between Fung and Wan lasted 0.5 hour which is tiring for the audience. Overall, the movie is only good  for the actions but sucked as a whole. I'll only give 2 star out of ten. 


Hui Yi said...

I'll just rate 1 star out of 10.. If not the sound was too loud, I should be sleeping in the cinema already

Wong How Jun said...

Lol....seem like I'm not the only one feel that the movie deserves a place in the bin.

Jacqueline said...

My company's recreation club actually booked the whole cinema for this movie on the 1st day... But... All of us were so disappointed!

A colleague of mine even smsed me after the show saying "can u sumarise for me? I felt asleep just now..." hahahahah!!

Btw, I saw ur link in Kenny's blog... =)

Wong How Jun said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by...ya, the movie sucked so much it soured our mood. damn man, there goes another RM10