Saturday, October 9, 2010

Flying Again

I know I still owe everyone the Cambodian post. Heck, life was mad since the trip. I can barely rest and when I rest I can barely breathe but don't worry. What I've promised, I will fulfill. Someday....hopefully :P

All right, back to the main topic. In 48 hours, I'll be up in the air again. This time….to Bali. I'll definitely post this trip. I promise….I swear….hahahaha

Friday, October 8, 2010

Blogging Using Word 2010

Is it me or are there many out there like me? Apparently we can blog using Office 2010.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In An Organization

In an organization;

  1. everything is part of learning (which I quite agree at times).
  2. discussions is just to listen to other people's idea and concept. Yours doesn't work.
  3. you're a bullet proof vest for your downline. 
  4. your downline told you everything hastily and expect you to remember. When problem crops, they'll say I told him so, he's my superior, he forgets it's his mistake. 
  5. you're supposed to remember everything and register it in your brain forever. (If I can do this I'll be in MIT.)
  6. everyone is for themselves and to win them, you have to learn to shut them up (often paperwork works).
  7. the company coordinator is very busy "coordinating". She has to visit the rest rooms many many times, spend her rightful time enjoy her lunch, make phone calls for appointments and adjust slots for operation work.
  8. you are very free, gulping down your food, stuck in traffic jam, skipping restroom breaks and hunt for one shall you need to. 
  9. giving a 4 hours presentation without having time for lunch, develop sore throat and lost your voice in the process to introduce the company to the process means nothing to the company. The operators may screw up and it's ok for the boss to "tell your client off". 
  10. clients and prospects are king, only certain people in the organization can scold them. 
  11. your superior imagination is the truth!
  12. integrity is important, when trouble arises, it's not my fault, it's always his, hers, and the client being troublesome, hence problem solved!
  13. do more, spend less and improve!
  14. your clerk being unable to use and reluctant to learn computer is the computer's fault, the computer must buck up. 
  15. it is ok to skip lunch to work on a project so that you can sweat under the hot sun. It is ok to skip lunch again and bathe in the rain while protecting the contract with your body. When the deal is closed, there's no pat in the back, you have to follow the "terms and conditions" that is written here and here instead of "very good, well done, I'll treat this as special case and give you some special incentives. You must earn honestly and take what you deserve. 
  16. 1st lesson, we cannot follow everything that is written. This is the real corporate world.  
  17. big project = big possible trouble. 
  18. the client always tries to take advantage. 
  19. other people always sick, on leave and have close relative pass away, while you wonder how come you life is "uninteresting". 
  20. "see what happened already...what you do? You did nothing", proof with paperwork.
  21. more paperwork, more work, more productive. No paperwork, no work, did not work. 
  22. your boss management skill is at the best, you learn and listen. 
  23. black and white is a trump card to tell you that "I win, you lose".
  24. it is difficult for the phone operators because they have to take calls from client. It is easy because you only meet the client face to face. 
  25. securing a RM13.5k business means you'll still get shout at for a RM13.5 case. 
  26. you'll learn to keep your mouth shut, listen and forget. 
  27. motivate yourself, no one else will. 
  28. everyone in the organization is just human, forgive and move on. 

So, what is an organization to me? I'm afraid I'm not a complicated person. For me, it's something that is made up of a group of people rather than a bunch of papers. If everyone really cares for the group, considerate for others, there's less papers involved, much work shared to achieve a common goal. And that's defines the mission and vision. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Begining of Another Chapter in Life

I was staring for 2 hours at this particular photo as if waiting for an answer in life. The past episode has made me really disappointed and frustrated simply because I have focused too much onto others. I care too much about how others think and feel. I have hoped and expected too much from others and forgotten all about myself. I forgot that sometimes the solution to a despair is to move on. Previously when things don't work out I said to myself "it's ok, this is a valuable lesson in life and I shall be stronger after this". It's foolish to keep repeating that countless times. Those lines were reasons for losers and are acts of cowardice. The line that I shall say from this day forth is "it's ok, just move on".

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nasi Lemak in Hong Kong

Recently I just found out that Nasi Lemak and Roti Cannai originated from our home land, Malaysia. If you don't know what's a nasi lemak please check my previous post. Because the foods are damn good, it has spread like a disease to other countries. They're most welcome in places like Hong Kong. The Hongkies have problem pronouncing the term accurately so they call our nasi lemak = "lat sei lei ah ma". Check out the meaning from the cantonese.

1000th Visit celebrates 1000th visit! Thank to all readers.

Contrast In Life

I have just came back from delivering a quotation to client. And before that I visited a friend who is a very hardworking real estate agent. Well, Lawrence one of the poor folk who's affected badly by the economy diarrhea. I heard he worked as cleaner in Hotels and now he's a security guard in an apartment which requires him to post from 7PM to 7AM. In the morning he'll be New Bob real estate agent and he's in his 60ties this year. As for me, I can regard myself as a sales man in the company. To generate sales for commission, I had to work my ass off the limited fats. Even though I'm in the verge of collapsing tonight, I just couldn't put myself to rest because a client wanted the quotation ASAP and he's only available at night, therefore I traveled the extra mile. But I consider myself lucky as compared to Lawrence. So the question is, does working hard means extra earning? Does working hard means better living and better income as compared to others? Sadly it's a "no no" in this case. Basically, to get commission and get paid in my company, this is what "we" ("" cause this statement doesn't apply to all sales person) have to conduct the following:

  1. Create awareness in our given area.
  2. Attend enquiry and survey.
  3. Work out costing and quotation.
  4. Deliver quotation.
  5. Follow up on the quote status and negotiate with clients (attend meetings).
  6. Deliver Contract and invoice. 
  7. Arrange treatment and supervise the job.
  8. Follow up on treatment.
  9. Collect payment (fuck the client on the face of he doesn't pay up and face the music at the same time).
  10. Get paid! Yahoo...

All the 10 longwinded steps to make 5%. If the contract value is RM200, we'll get RM10. Surprisingly there's parasite who survive without going through the first 9 steps. Most of the time, there's only step 10. Salesman who are reading this post, tell me, is this even possible? If it's possible, I would gladly give away my right testicle in exchange. there fairness in this mad mad world? Why is Lawrence dogging himself earn nuts while there are bastard who makes brim knowing nuts? Finally I will close this post with a quote from my primary school english teacher; I got punished because my friend made mistake and this is what he told me.

"How Jun, there is no fairness in this world" Mr. Chin, 1997. A phrase that I remembered for 13 years and it still applies till today.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pun Choi during ESLim Bday

It's my boss birthday and we celebrate while took some break off the steam. As usual, we had cake but this is no ordinary cake, it's vegetarian cake! My god, what's the point of eating a vegetarian cake? Eating a vegetarian cake is as ridiculous as eating vegetarian KFC. Anyways we had vegetarian Pizza Hut to come with that, brilliant. 

Apart from the awful lunch which I chose to skip, we had a "feast" for dinner. Around 7.30PM all of us gathered at a fancy restaurant around town for dinner with only 1 dish. Yes, there's nothing wrong with your eye(s), only 1 dish. But this is no ordinary dish. Behold.......what......we.......ate......was.............tang tang tang tang (imitating magic sound).......
Pun Choi if you translate it into english is "bucket vegetable" or "potty vegetable". It's supposed to be a dish cooked with left overs and shared by the whole village in China. But being Penangnite, we managed to being it to another level. The ingredient involved were not as simple as pig feed but what we had inside was....(see for yourself)...

Not one or two, but there were about 20 or 30 mussels in the bowl! Fuck the cholesterol, savvy the taste first. 
Although the abalone was only as big as the cow testicles, it was deeply satisfying for me. Not like I manage to taste anything from it but, heck, how often do we get to chew abalone? It's not about the taste but more about the experience. The above 3 was the highlight of the dish but there were other ingredients which made the dish really worth trying. Truly taste-butt salvation for the night. all ritey, time to "oi oi" now. Oya sumi...Zzzzzz

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What can be more Idiotic than PPPM?

This is a post where I'll be very vulgar, so if you have problems with rude wording please shove off. Or else I won't give a fuck simply coz I'm angry now. What happened was, I was called by a client renting a bungalow from the PPPM. As the organization grew, the need more space hence the building next door is the best option. And that building belongs to PPPM too. As usual, we went in for termite survey. The building was locked despite we made appointment since yesterday saying that we'll come at 2PM today. It took them 1 whole bloody hour to arrive from KOMTAR (only about 5km away) but we waited anyhow. Knowing that it's PPPM, we will not get the deal but we stayed to give some advice and helped to inspect the place. 

4 officers arrived with style;
  1. Government car with driver. 
  2. Acted like big shot but couldn't give straight answer and couldn't make decision.
  3. 1 does the talking while the other watched doing nothing else. 
  4. Totally ignored us needless mention about asking our opinion. 
  5. Discussed about ghost haunting in Penang Hill properties and humid weather instead of the topic of interest there. 

Here's the conclusion of the "discussions";
  1. They'll only provide corrective soil treatment (drilling) though our client insists on termite baiting (more advance, cost less in the long term, more environmental friendly and less damage to the building).
  2. They won't listen to new ideas of advice. 
  3. Only 25% or the of the PPPM organization are "functional" while the rest tag along to enjoy the ride.
  4. They couldn't give a fuck about destroying state properties.
  5. They couldn't give a damn about tax payers money. 
There are several issues I simply cannot understand;
  1. Corrective soil treatment will drill all along the building layout thus destroying the classic tiles of the building. If the government couldn't give a damn about the heritage buildings who would?
  2. Why wouldn't the PPPM move on with new information and ideas while JKR can? 
  3. Even being informed about higher cost involved, they simply don't give a fuck. So people, this is your blood money goes, down the drain into the pockets of blood suckers whole couldn't care less about shit! When broke they'll just tax more. GST for instance. 
  4. How come any tom dick and harry who knows nuts about anything can be an officer? 
  5. Why is PPPM owning any building at all? 
  6. Why is the need for 4 jokers to come for a building rental discussion? 
  7. Why is PPPM people rode in car with driver while the hardworking tax payers are only riding on motor under the mercy of the weather? 
  8. To get government jobs, why do we need Certificate from Ministry of Finance, enroll into their contractor listing (different bodies different list)? Isn't Register of Companies good enough? If not then why bother registering? 
  9. Why register with ministry of finance needs to pay fee? Why pay tax? 
  10. Why don't they give a fuck when the citizens are angry? 

Basically this is the sum of the questions that occurred to me during the 1 hour meeting. Finally, why are there so many weakness in the government bodies? 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pot Black

People who know me would probably realized that I'm a snooker freak. Not to the extend that leave everything behind and live by the snooker table, but I do spend a lot of my time cueing. I savvy the process poking the balls, with a wooden cue of coarse. Snooker for me is like soccer to a lot of you, it's something I love that most of you find boring.
It is a very expensive sport in this country where the table rental is damn hefty. Average price in Penang is about RM12 for a well maintained table. Normally we'll share the fee so that it's more affordable. 

After using the crappy cues provided by the shop for sometime, I bought my own. Although it's a second party cue but at least it's my own now right? 

I have my own snooker chalk too and holder too (imported from Hong Kong). 

My own opponent (imported from Hong Kong too)

There are many interests/hobbies that became less fascinating to me but potting the balls doesn't seem to grow cold. This is one of the game where it grew from boring to interesting as time passes. You may presume that this is something hooligans and jobless thwarts indulge into but rest assured you're wrong. It requires skill, stamina, concentration, practice and it makes you feel british. 

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Malaysian Attitude Towards Criticisms

Before I actually begin my gibberish, lets watch the videos.

Above was two videos which I found after wandering pointlessly in youtube for the whole bloody night. While I find nothing in particular fascinating about the content of the clips, it's the comments column which actually magnetized me. I'm not trying to offend any party here for I feel that sometimes Malaysian has to accept criticism politely positive.
The Myvi that I own is not at all a bad car but try tackling Cangkat Jering with it you'll find that the miniature 1.3L engine under the bonnet will only bring you up to 80km/H while screaming all the way up. For me a Myvi is a at the top in the list of the basic car range but heck, all Malaysian cars are only basic even the spec may write bombastic lines. Personally I cannot blame the Top Gear folks for their awful views but Malaysian cars to them is like Tata Nano to us.  Comment which comes after the price will be "take it up to 60km/H you'll probably need a technician to put everything together again". Nevertheless let's compare the the average salary in Malaysia and UK and the cars that we can afford.

1. Malaysia
Wage: RM3k
Car you can own: Perodua Myvi SE @ about RM53K

2. UK
Wage: 3k pound.
Car you can own: BMW 3 Series Coupe M3 @ about 52k pound.

And let's assume the BMW M3 is only RM350k here, you basically have extra about RM300k for lifetime petrol, road tax, tires, body kit, insurance and another Merc C200 perhaps if you buy the Myvi. With the kind of wage, do not forget you'll still need to feed your Myvi, not like it'll run on air alone. RM300k is enough money to fill 167k litres of Ron95 into your pathetic proud Myvi. With 6000 people opt for Myvi instead of Merc, the money saved is enough to fill Mengkuang Dam with Ron95 at the current price and with that we'll probably have enough petrol for the next decades. Of coarse europe is the manufacturer of Merc but heck, isn't Malaysia the manufacturer or Perodua? And owner of Petronas at the same time? Doesn't that give Malaysia an edge over automobil sales price? Probably who ever doing the math for pricing possibly uses his fingers which only limits up to 20 for calculation(21 if he's male).

What could be more wrong than paying almost half of our salary for the car, the other quarter for petrol and maintenance and another quarter to income tax? Wait doesn't that leave us with literally nothing? Damn, I guess that's why the city council left all the grasses spring; you know where to go when you're hungry.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Perfect Shitting Tool for a Gadget Freak!

Do you remember what was it like to doing business 10 years ago? The handphones were as big as brick and we couldn't play "Happy Tree: Friend Slap Happy" with it. The irony is the price which costed about RM2k for a stupid mobile brick. Yes, there were a lot of public phones around, for instance, my block has 5 public phones though only one working. Cause only one was working the coin was always full, and heck, they collect the coins only once a month so it's as good as none. 
So we keep all the contact either in a diary or in the stuff between our ears. Then came this gadget: 

Ladies and gentleman this is called ELECTRONIC ORGANIZER. Man, I had to save like 3 months to have enough for this piece of shit. Basically you can store contacts (maximum 50), does currency conversion and there's even a calculator!  During that time, this is the most "in" product in the market and having none means you're barred from friendship. Everyone walks around pressing one of these. You may store your girl friend birthday in it but if you forget to read, it is as good as not storing at all. Amazing huh? But today we have this:

Well this one needs no introduction. Basically this piece of junk is capable of reminding you when to shit and where to shit properly. All you need to do is to download the apps from apple store. Oh ya, talking about shitting, I was cursing myself for not having a proper camera this morning when I was at Gurney Plaza. Guess what, one of my friend (Andy) actually selling bidet at the basement of a shopping mall. It is no ordinary bidet man....Introducing....The...Most....Advance.....Shitting MACHINE!

I had to use my camera phone, sad. What you can do with this toy is incredible, there are buttons to;
  1. warm the seat before you do your shit.  
  2. wash your arsehole with rotating water sprinkle.
  3. adjust the power of the sprinkle according to your favor. If your asshole is big you may need a bigger jet of water.  
  4. automated flushing system. 
  5. etc...
  6. etc...
  7. Hey Andy, can we cook instant noodle with it? 
Well, I think we actually can as reported by epicuriousgirl . Or is this the latest technology where the bidet can convert our shit into baked cheese rice? My god!

Monday, February 22, 2010

First Time


After merely 6 days from registration, Evanis has got her very first job already. Although the fee was almost pathetic we took it nevertheless. We feel that as a beginner, we should be too choosy about what we can eat. To grow healthily into a mature business, Evanis needs to consume what ever available to obtain sufficient amount of nutrient ($$ and experience). So her very first business order was a trolley ramp that measured 5.5 X 19 X 19.5 inches (0.5 = half inch). Price = secret! 

 The objective is to crease a ramp to push trolley from the corridor into the shop. The ramp has to be strong and light because we're using it to push trolley carrying 30 kg gas cylinders into the shop from the corridor. Since the user is a lady, metal ramp is not suitable. To withstand the weight and pressure, this ramp is made of solid wood instead of plywood. 
The bottom of the ramp is reinforced with layers of beams to confirm the stability. I bet with this design, you can hump a camel on top of it and the pieces will still stay intact! 

I must say that though it is not making a kitchen cabinet but the work is not easy. It requires a lot of brain juice and skills. Previously I thought making a cabinet is just a matter of getting the right measurements and right screws but it is definitely more than that. For a noob like me, no matter how accurate the measurements that we've cut, the rubbish that we've created will never be stable. Of course there are some hidden techniques which I'm yet to discover. 

Do you know what's the size of the screws in the pictures? My bro could tell me that it's 1' and 1'2''. For me it's like looking at my dick and try to estimate the size. For me, I would focus on maximizing its usage. So know your size before screwing around.

We applied some decor at the sides after realizing how ugly it looks with nails all over. 

After realizing how ugly the side looked with nails all over, we decided to decorate it up a bit. The cosmetic materials was scavenged from the used materials around the factory (rubbish la), so we did the environment some favor while doing business. I think we deserve a nobel price for that. lol
And finally, we realised that we cannot afford QC test from SIRIM, we decided to do our own evaluation. That's me jumping on the ramp and it managed to survive even after 10 stomp. I weigh 51Kg at least (ya, I know I'm think, comment for that is not welcomed!
Just like dogs left urine to mark their territory, we simply couldn't resist to leave ours. With this beginning, we hope  it's a good start for us. Until the next job, jiane. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Evanis Ventures

Finally after talking so much and did nothing we gathered the balls and got it registered. When I was there at ROC with my bro cum partner, we were quite nervous because apart from driving there, we prepared nothing. Had not even thought of a name for the company. To us, the most important thing is brain juice and hard work rather than fancy documents and flashy names. Anyways, we were scratching our head when suddenly this name came along and we just scribbled it down the application forms seconds before our turn to hand in the forms.  

Basically this company handles Interior Design and carpentry works but we think we'll sapu anything that makes money. So guys, if you have anything at all to suggest or shall you need some revonation please drop it at 

This is a little something that we started and hope to grow into something that may canopy our family comfortably in the future. We're not sure whether it'll work or not but at least the first step in now taken, we should give it the best shot we can. Actually, it's my bro's company after all but heck, my name was in the form. Haha. That makes me a director now. But hey, don't call me boss, I don't get a single cent; signed the paper incase my bro needed aid. So in the future, there'll be more posts regarding the produce of our baby. 

CNY = another year ol'er

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but Chinese New Year to me has becoming more and more like ordinary days (apart from the traffic jam of course).  Remember when I was small, fire works were "quite legal" so there were plenty of sparks and lights squirting during the season but recently due to the strict enforcement, the excitement was drastically reduced. Nevertheless, it's a good thing less houses got burnt down.
As usual, we had a family gathering at the eve at a fancy restaurant where often the waitresses were grumpy.

Thumbs up for this restaurant not because of the food but rather the hospitality provided. Despite missing reunion dinner, the owner and employees served us with a broad smile. Sometimes I feel bad for them, to make extra income, they had to sacrifice valuable time serving us which watching families feasting together right at their nose. Therefore I feel that I should promote for them a little...The restaurant is situated at Crystal Point Penang (the biggest roundabout in the island, you wouldn't miss it)

First dish is always Yu Shang. As for the history, this dish was started from Ipoh, Perak (not Hong Kong folks!) and slowly it's famed towards other parts of the world. We believe that by tossing high during mixing, we'll get good fortune in business for the years to come. Since my bro is starting his own business this year, he gets to mix first. It's actually quite disgusting to mix Yu Shang. We're actually mixing our saliva into the dishes. Imagine you're kissing your bald uncle. Damn. 
I think if the sharks are extinct, Chinese should be held responsible for it. No matter what occasion, there is Shark Fin Soup. I felt a bit bad every time this dish was served but my crave for the fins quickly overwhelmed the guilt. Haha...Guess that why we're on top of the food chain. 
Hey, I'm not exactly that greedy ok. There are some which I loafed. For example this Abalone with Mushroom and Broccoli (Shit, it's spelled with one L and 2 C), I wonder why would anyone like this dish since it tasted so plain and unattractive.
Overall, the food is only "so so" but I like the dessert. Winter Melon sorbet with Sago. Actually, it's not the food that matters, it's more like precious family bonding time.  
My cousin brought along a bottle of red wine which tasted not bad. My parents didn't allow me to drink any liquor since young. Now I cannot drink at all. So if you have kids, train them. There's nothing wrong in drinking, just don't get drunk. My first drunk experience was at 9 years old. One of the family member brought back white wine from Australia and it tasted so damn good. I remember drinking 2 cups and apart from that, the next thing I knew was morning. 
In the past, we would quickly went home to "hoi toi" (gamble) but since the family had shrunk so much, there no more kaki and we ended up gossiping away. My mom's side was almost like casino for all the 15 days. This year, it's just a few of us chatting away at the Hotel living room and me of course toying with my SLR. Here is one particular shot which I like best. Chinese New Year is so calm and serene. Feels like Christmas more than CNY.   
Oh ya, this year my status is already upgraded to UNCLE. WTF I'm only 24.  I remember his father used to run around shooting other kids with fire works but now he shoots his wife and resulted in this <<<<.Anyways, everyone meet Jayden. Cute right? Staring down at the little fellow made me really appreciate the process of aging. 
There are some years went by when I looked only towards the front but definitely not this year. This year I looked back and there's countless fond memories I would smile for. How about you? After so many steps ahead, have you taken one step back? Happy Chinese New Year everyone. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

I remember when I was small, Chinese New Year was an exciting event. By that I mean it's so breathtaking that I could sleep while waiting for its arrival. My mom had to pat me to sleep using a cane. Sigh... The main reason this celebration is so worth waiting is, I get to see all my relatives and especially cousins. Back then, I only get to see them several times a year and now it's getting less and less. Probably due to pressure from the society that we have to move on with our busy life hence less time for all nonsense. The huge family tree was thorn apart by lightning several year ago rendering the circle of the "official" family smaller. This year for what ever reasons, I couldn't wait to see everyone again. Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year folks. I wish you all a healthy and brimming prosperity year a head. This year I will add another phrase in the wish, I wish you all significant increase in Intellectual Capacity in the year ahead.
Since the economy is bad and I couldn't afford anything physical, this is a "Phong Kam" I'm sending. Hope you like it :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Typical Eventful Day

Warning! This is gonna be a long post!

Well, I cannot afford fancy holiday to Europe or even Singapore. Life for me is everyday xeroxing the day before. Therefore, I need to find inspiration to keep carry on passing time. So I think it's best to treat everyday as a holiday since I go different places and meet different people almost everyday.
My day starts with a simple "cheap" breakfast at some lane around Georgetown.
Accompanied by a pack of Nasi Lemak.
Actually the meal only cost RM1.80 normally but today 2 of my technician joined me for breakfast. At the end they assume that it's my duty to pay everything, so my simple breakfast turned into an expensive 5 start lorong breakfast (RM3.80). As usual, I went to the office to show my face to the bosses. Pretend to be busy and buzz around for awhile before I took off to Bangkok Lane. There I did some presentation to the Cheah Family. The whole presentation and questionnaire session ended after 2 long agonizing hours and we did some cam-whoring. 

From left, Boobalan is the building manager for the family, middle is me and on my left is Jason Cheah. Well, Jason is...erm...a good boy. Ya...a good boy. 
Since I was nearby, the next stop is Burma Lane where lay the tourist trap, Burmese Temple!. Photo time!

The architecture is simply amazing. Even after taking so many photos through these years at this place, I feel that the temples are still fascinating enough for a few more sessions.
There are countless figures for cam-whoring but I was there alone. So, there is no one to hold camera for me.
Apart from Buddha statues there are some animal carving. At some angle, they look alive. 
Sleeping Buddha is the main attraction...It's about 40m long. 

That reminds me about Thern's blog. Imagine you got a super poke from this guy.

The temple was literary carved from wood. Look at all the wooden structures. 

At the entrance we were welcomed by hot angels. I would dare going near her. See her bf behind. 

A must go place if you ever come to Penang. After snapping substantial amount of photos, it's time for lunch...finally. So I went to Seck Chuan Road for a light lunch. It's right beside Chulia Street but I kinda wondered, why is Seck Chuan a road when Chulia is only a street. Chulia is about 3X the size of Seck Chuan. 

It's a part of Penang where building old fashioned. This is the centre of Penang where UNESCO announced as heritage site. Sadly rumor says that we'll soon lose the heritage status. At this area, we often see kuai lou roam around looking for cheap hotels. Basically you can find everything here; construction tools, vegetables, antiques, bak kua and even prostitutes. Let's talk about bak kua. Chinese New Year coming right? Everyone loves Bak Kua...ever wonder how they're made? 

I found these sun bathing in the alley. Birds might add some flavoring while we did not noticed. Maybe that makes this taste better. 

It's pretty humid in Penang, so for lunch an Iced-Herbal-Tea is a must to prevent sun stroke. There is a stall at Chulia Street selling good Wan Than Mee. For me, this is the best so far. If you think it's no good, I think probably your tongue needs some maintenance. 

Look at the meat inside the skin. Unlike most Wan Than Mee, the Wan Than over here are generously packed with meat.  

Dessert for me was some Java Apple. It cost me RM1.50 which I think is over priced. Nevertheless, this stall  has been selling fruits for a few decades. It's fresh! You may want to take this to rehydrate after visiting prostitutes. 
One this I don't understand is, why do we have to pay for parking in Penang? 
We are already paying road taxes. This and that taxes. Not like anyone is there to care for our car. After paying it's still park at our own risk. If we're gone for long hours, it's very troublesome to keep on coming back to reload these hopeless machines. It's not properly maintained where sometimes when we insert coins, the time will not top up. 

Parking tickets are even worse. After issuing the ticket, the parking attendant will conveniently gone missing. We're supposed to hunt for him or pay the fine after several days. I think this is bull shit!

Anyways, next I went to Kuantan road for some work. Nothing interesting there apart from the heat! Luckily my next stop was Gurney Plaza...hehe...air con...air con....
After completing all my works, on the way coming down to my car, there's some live drawing show. The artist was damn pro. so I didn't miss the chance to capture the moments. There's a sailor wannabe being drawn. It's so amazing how skillful the artist and that dude sat for hours. 

As I wanted to capture a good shot, this bitch came along. Brainless motherfucker. It's not like she didn't aware there are some snapping photos but she couldn't give a damn. Wanted to ask her to "fuck off" in Japanese but I figured she wouldn't understand anyways. 
These are his product for sale. One of the girls is Crystal Liu Yi Fei. There's Bruce Lee and Andy Lau too. Damn, he's good!

It rained on the way home....not unusual to rain but on a hot glaring day? The sun was still burning the ground while the hot rain poured mercilessly. Pity those bikerz. 

On the way, my friend called and we chatted for 41min and 19 sex...oops...19sec. I think he's lonely.

After a quick dinner, I was off to Pu Xian temple for the opening ceremony of the Buddha Statues. 
Walao, 3 temples in a day! I was there on time for the longwinded speech by Dato Seri Ong Ka Chuan. This is the first time I see a big shot arrived on time. 
Why do they have to speak so long huh? The ceremony ended with lion dance and firework that attracted me to the event. Photo session!
That's basically 1 day for me. Thanks for reading, yawn...time to sleep.