Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photoshooting with a virgin Nikon D3000

I was using this camera (Lumix LZ28) for about a year plus...
Then I think it's time that I should get myself a SLR. Been longing that for ages actually. Finally, I got myself a Nikon D3000. As compared to the compact, I feel that the SLR definitely offers more customization and the photos taken are more real as compared to the Lumix which feels like the photos are processed.
At the moment I have deprived my whole account for this bulky machine, I will have to make do with the kit lens (18-55mm). The angle is not as wide as the Lumix and aperture not as big. Never the less, the contour and colors appears more lively than the Lumix. So, as a new exited owner of a SLR, it's quite normal for me to snap everything that come into sight. From the view finder, everything looks great. 
My 9 year old key board looks great.

The magazines on my table look great.

The STPM time table on the wall looks great. Lol, the exam was 6 years back. Kinda miss it now.

Even my old apartment looks great.

Everyone say Hi to my dog PIPI. Don't ask me why the silly name, it's given by my mom.

To test the camera further, I went to Air Itam Dam to snap some random photos. The dam is situated about 10 min drive from my house. 

Not exactly a big dam but it supplies water to a big part of Penang and drains water from nearby joggers.

I remember when I was a kid, my parents sat me on the wall and I got fever for a whole week. The heat subsided when my aunt brought me to a medium. lol...

This is definitely a cool place for jogging. Apart from fresh air, the scenery is awesome. You could see whole of Georgetown from here but from this distance, KOMTAR appears like tooth pick.

It's some of the limited undisturbed forest available in Penang. Personally I like this photo very much, until now, I still couldn't believe this is the product of ME and my camera. 

It was sunset and the light was too bright. So, I ended up taking over exposed photos. Nevertheless, before I went home, I tried some techniques that normal compact cameras are not capable of.

Cool eh? Maybe it's time you should get a SLR too. The results is definitely worth it but it cost a muscle to carry and a hefty price. 

p/s: I took 284 photos and these are the best. I'm not really used to the camera yet, hopefully I'll improve soon enough for Angkor Wat. Hehe

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I had a bad day!

Maybe it is an old song but for me, this is the best song for the moment. Please click play when you're reading this.

There are some days when you feel you have already outsmarted all the living being in this world. There are days when you want to announce that you're far more superior than anyone else you've ever seen. There are days when you feel you have surpass the top of the world. But certainly this is not my day...

Today is a day where all guidance is redundant. Today is a day where you're on your own. Today is a day where no words could describe. Today is a day where hell is pleasant. Today is a day where you don't know what to say. And today the you world had hit a new low.

Basically what happened was a some refused to comprehend my explanation. Basically what happened was the person you dealt with couldn't be bothered with what's going on. Basically all the knowledge that you took pride from worth less than rubbish to someone out there. And basically this is the moment where you break down and cry.

What I want to do now is to move far far away and be gone from where I am now. What I want to do now is to forget everything that is done and wish that I can move on. What I really want to do is to get drunk by the beach and swing the bottle as far away as possible into the sea. What I don't really mind is the aftermath of the hang over.

Maybe this is part of being strong. Maybe this is the training I seek. Maybe tomorrow will dawn to a better day. Maybe after this I'm growing away from naiveness.

And I had a serious bad day!

Monday, January 25, 2010


When I refer to Pan Malaysia Website, I couldn't believe my eyes. There it is, the glittering lottery numbers shining back at me, telling to apply for leave and head towards KL. It's time to claim my price that Pan Malaysia owe me for a long long time. RM3 millions worth of warmth awaits me out there. The moment was so breathless it's like an avalanche forcefully crashing down on me...taking every single breathe away rendering me dumb founded and unabling all movements. When I was typing my resign letter on my handphone (ya, just sms to resign there is no need to be official cause I couldn't be bothered anymore about anything else) suddenly, "RINGG RINGG" (more of Imperial March from Starwars really)...pulling me from "reality" back into cruelty. My dream was shattered into countless pieces and I was back again into this pointless meaning less world.

Do you ever dream of winning a lottery? Do you even buy a lottery ticket? I find that many people tend to think winning lottery is a hard but I think other wise. See, to strike is not at all excessively tough because all we needed to do was to buy the ticket and wait to win. THATS ALL. All the rest will be handled by PMP itself. There is no need to be on diet for 7 months, there is no need to climb himalaya and pray to the lord (if HE does exists) and certainly there is no need to murder or steal. All we need is RM3 actually. So, I'm quite amazed how people think different over certain matter.

"There is no need to murder or steal, all we need is RM3"

The draw is about every 20 days so I think it's rather foolish not to buy. Imagine, only RM3 you may win yourself a price so high, you may retire at that instance. No estacy is capable of offering such pleasure and high. But, even every ticket we bought gives us a chance to Shangri La the chance is rather slim. The probability is 0.0000001 over 1 which mean, you're more likely to die in an asteroid impact in US than to win a lottery. Winning the jackpot has an equal chance of getting struck by lightning. lol...

Does that mean when you buy 2 tickets, you have better chance of winning? Yes, do the math....but for me 0.0000002 has no difference with 0.000001 and both is almost equal to nothing. Nevertheless never try never know. All I ever buy is one ticket for every draw.

Top THREE List that I want but even winning a lottery cannot get me:

  1. Aston Martin Vanquish.
  2. A huge bungalow with 10 000 sqft built up. .  
  3. A brain that will make me more money than winning a lottery. 
P/S: This incident made me miss one of my friend Aeroplane Shiuan very much. Are you out there Shiuan? Are you reading my blog? How dare you if you're not! I remember back at the 2nd year of varsity where I tricked her into believing I won lottery, she even called up her sis and got me all the details from collecting the prices to which investment to make. How cute, but memories

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Being a trainer

Sometimes I wonder what could be used as a measuring benchmark for our success. For example, people tell me that I'm still very young and there is no real need to rush for success. My client who owns more than 250 houses around Penang told me that he's poor. Some client owns a small business and have his nose lifted so high that I was practically talking to his nose all the time. So sometimes I feel that I'm being very useless and did not really put in enough effort into my own life. But sometimes I could really feel the respect from others which really made me feel really good and want to carry on even harder.
Perhaps my most successful achievement in the career was to introduce myself as a very knowledgeable "specialist" (that's what my boss will tell clients). After 1.5 years of working, I have given out total of 4 institutional training to date.

The first was at Ace Enclosure and it's about fumigation. I was only a 2 months old fumigator but my boss cruelly sent me out to face a major client. Of coarse he was with me that time.

I did all the subsequent presentations alone where my boss couldn't careless anymore.

Held this year in our very own office, the training was about a new product (we were not the supplier). The training was extended to other pest controllers from the north. Present was Swift Kill and PestGuard both from Ipoh. From Penang will be my own staffs and Popular Pest from Seberang Jaya.

The last training was given to IJM Land Penang. Present was all their managers but I forgot to take photos :( . In house training were countless so I disregard them in this post. At every training, I have this awkward feeling where almost all the time, I was the youngest in the room. This made me think, if I'm this good and experience in my field, what am I doing working for other people?

Streamyx has done it again!!!!

Finally I made a call to streamyx after lousy connection since Sunday. Let me illustrate how lousy the connection was;

  1. Loading into facebook took 15 min.
  2. Loading into streamyx speedometer page: practically failed.
  3. Messenger connection: failed.
  4. Blogging: 6 hours to up load (max record).
And when I was updating the antivirus, this is the type of connection that I got, the speedometer test shows over 1.4Mb/s download but hung at the upload. My antivirus is downloading 0Kb/s at the very same moment. Look at the graph, there is no chart at all. Then I made a call to streamyx begging for help.

The operator asked me to restart the modem and did a lot of stuff which I feel was redundant. Aren't we supposed to get a stable connection? If the connection is not stable, aren't they supposed to do something at their side instead of ours?

So I got 2.2Mb/s connection apparently (from the speedometer) and she said I was given more than enough. Can you imagine? Connecting to facebook took 15 min and the speedometer showed a 2.2Mb/s download speed. Man, can't browse into google is more than enough for her. After she resetted the port, my connection went back to "normal" which after the call was hung, the connection went back to the real normal (slow like fuck!).

This was the following conversation
Me: If you know that your customer is having the same problem everymonth, why can't you all so some maintenance every month?
Operator: No sir, we can only trouble shoot every time you report sir.
Me: Is it your policy for the customer to call every month? I'm paying rental for the telephone line just for the sake of lodging complains.

And the rest of the conversation will be as bull shit as their services. In the end the conclusion that I can deduce is:

  1. Streamyx doesn't do maintenance for the client. 
  2. Despite knowing a single client is facing trouble every month, their policy is to ignore the problem and pretend like nothing had happened.
  3. The client is to inform them the problem and effort to improve the situation is not encouraged. 
  4. The speedometer is totally bullshit!
  5. The CEO doesn't give a shit about the customers. Refer to this post. It is ok if the connection always fail. No need follow up. 

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mi Shining Armour

Can't believe it took me about 1.5 hour just to upload a photo to my blog. I'm timing this just to create a new threshold of internet service incompetence. Well, thanks to Streamyx this is possible. Anyways, the fuck with Streamyx this blog is not about that useless company but I'm incorporate some "friendly" criticism in this post though. Here it goes...

The car is easily one of our biggest possession and to have it, we're paying 10 long years of loan (ya, poor bastard like me have to drag the period as long as possible). So, it's most important that our vehicle doesn't break down, well as least not as frequent as Streamyx connection. Last saturday, I spent whole afternoon rejuvenating V (that's what I called my white Myvi). It's so shocking the substantial amount of dirt accumulated on the paint finish after only a year. Basically put, V was yellow, literally. Exactly one year ago, this was how V was like. This is a picture of sunset at my apartment.

And the reflection of the hill on V. Looking at the pictures makes me wonder,  people burn churches but why wouldn't they burn streamyx?

But after a long year, V lost her grace. It's like forcing her to do all the dirty job without really caring her properly. She has carried me miles without a slightest complain. So, I thought it's time for me to restore her glory. My materials were quite simple, a few pieces of cloths, MeGuiars, Soft99, Rejex and Black & Decker orbital polishing machine, I did what had to be done. Perhaps I'll eleborate more on the steps involved in future posts huh? After 6 long hours, this is how V looks today. 

She's even more brilliant at night. I will vote with all my thumbs and toes for rejex if I have to. The glaze is just perfect. I didn't regret having the bottle shipped all the way from US a year ago. Car lovers, this is definitely the  wax to go... However, if you haven't been cleaning your car properly prior to applying Rejex wax, the dirt will stay for at least a couple of months. No point scrubbing, it won't come off.

Apart from back ache and a shining car, the package comes with deep satisfaction. I just saved paying car care centre RM350 by doing it myself, this is another way I can make sure only the best is given to V. People always say "Woman loves a man in uniform" and I always say "Man loves a car in shining armor".

P/S: Washing, polishing and waxing V took the same amount of time to publish this post. Am I quick? lol

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finding Spark In a Dull Life

After working for 2 years, I feel that even the most interesting job will turn boring. I pity those who are working in a confine space for 8 hours/day. I think I rather kill meself before getting into such torment. My job requires me to visit many places and meet countless faces everyday but it’s getting more and more uninteresting as the day passes by. It feels like brushing teeth or bathing where it’s necessary but somehow it’s restless. So to overcome that, I think the only way out is to change myself since I can’t really change my job. Not yet at least.
These are the following the “intriguing happening” around me lately….
With the type of work I’m in, there are many places that I’m privileged to visit that most of you can’t. For example...the Governor or Chief Minister Residence. Hehe… Most frequent property type are the expensive ones, which make me sad sometimes.
Putra Marine is one of them…man I love that Condo. It’s so beautiful from the Top. I have access to the rooftop where even the owners doesn’t. But looking from the top made me realize that I belong way below…
fall copy
Never mind, perhaps I’ll make it there one day and look down to say good bye. At least I promised myself that….
Not all the time I’m lucky to enter luxurious homes…sometimes I have to survey property as rundown as this… Don’t know what’s the point having pest management service there all the owner himself is a pest to his own house….

Visiting schools make me miss studying days. It’s so sweet. Chlidren posting ABC, recess, soccer with peers..these are the few of my favorite things…
Traffic jam has become part of my life. From my house, I’ll jam till work and from office again, I’ll in the participate the jam whole fucking day. By the way, I spotted this bastard littering all over the damn road while I was driving. Motherfucker from KL litter in Penang. Brainless oaf. Ur mama didn’t teach you hygiene?
Maybe I was cursing the KL guy too much, I got my ass kicked by a Proton Saga the following day. Not much damage done but my sensor was broken. You know what that bitch told me? “aiya not very bad la…little niama” she said the first thing got down from the car. So I answered “Yalo, you’re lucky you only need to pay me little nialo”. In the end she got her stud to repair my car.
Well…sometimes I’ll meet some extraordinary creatures and get to play with them a bit. This frog was stuck in my station.

I did what an animal lover would (release it to the wild) do but it pissed on my pants. Damn…

Sometimes animal really make my day. I was at my customer house the other day when his dog (Huskey man!!!!) jumping onto me and start licking all over my face! Damn cute lar.
EC4U 143
Normally once a week I’ll shop for grocery. In Penang, from Monday till Wednesday supermarket will not provide plastic bags. And I had to carry all these stuff into my car without a basket or bags. Tesco will not allow us to bring the basket out of the store even I said I will personally return to the counter. Imagine how I managed to bring those stuff to my car…..Incredible?
Using a trolley lar…. But it’s rather awkward and inconvenient to use such a big trolley for so little stuffs. That’s why I don’t really like Penang government. Especially Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. See I don’t even let him stand beside me for photograph….”get at least 1 meter away from me” I said….lol
EC4U 100
So that’s pretty much about me these days. Did you managed to spark your boring life?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My first day in school

I heard so many people taking leaves at the beginning of January 2010, simply because they had to go to school. Wait, aren’t they working already? ya….it’s their children first day in school. So, the filial parents had to accompany their children to the first day (orientation). From what I heard, some had orientation for a few days and it lasted from morning to evening. Can you remember what was your first day in school like?

I remember my first day very well. My father taught me my first English words “Teacher, please may I go to toilet?” and he had me recite that for many many time. He fetched me there (St Xavier Primary School at Jalan La Salle) at 7.30AM, dropped me there and bye bye. He told me, I shouldn’t cry and I didn’t. The only motivation got me walked into the school was there were many “friends” of my age. And the very first friend I made was Choong Choon Hau.

My family was poor and still is though…sigh. So I had no pocket money till standard 3 where I was given allowance of 50cents. There was no raise till form 1. How much was 50cents back then? It’s at much as a canteen fried rice and nothing more. How much is kids getting nowadays? I think it’s a PS3 every quarter year. Kids these days are damn rich.

In standard 3, we were fortunate enough to visit KL for my first holiday out of Penang. Therefore, I saved my 50cents for 100 days so that I have 50 bucks to spend. But ended up0 I didn’t spend a single of my RM50.

In summary, I can say that I’m one of the poor kid who went to school empty pocket. But I’m not the only one. I think the fortunate ones had only RM1 in their pockets. How was your primary schooling years?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some post I wrote on another blog ages ago....

Below is a post which I wrote on 20th april 2009. Ya I know it was stone age already but somehow I love this post more than any others that I have published. Lol...time really flies...and I no longer write like that anymore. Reading it again, I can't believe I wrote this stuff, it's so offensive. lol

Vista, Live Vs Mac

Please do not blame me for the ugly blog layout. It's all because of the stupid Windows Writer Crashed and the stupid HTML formatting that this site provide. I guess a laksa Apek will have fewer problems with diarrhea than with blogging in this site. It'll all be settled soon when I have my Mac. There goes all the routine OS crashing, hang, viral attack, spy bots and a big chunk of my money. Anyways, I have just saved 50 cents so there is a long way to sulk. In fact, Vista has so many bugs that I think we have less problem with the Hemiptera family. For those who cannot comprehend what is Hemiptera, don't bother. Just like me not giving a damn what is HTML formatting while typing this blog. Am I stupid?Am I? Well take a look at the layout of this blog and you’ll probably lose interest and click away. Is that my problem? Well NO. Big fat bloody NO. As usual, I will not say that I have a problem, but Windows Live has problems. Live Writer doesn’t work. Nor can it be easily deleted. Blogging is made tough when we have to do it the HTML way, if imagine you have shit the HTML way. When there is no obvious way we can change to non-HTML and I don’t really bother, that’s the time we learn to live with whatever bull shit we were given. Do you think I have the time to shift+, p shift+. Shift+, end shift+. everytime I wanna write something? That’s like wearing an underwear with a coded lock and every time we wanna shit, we need to wind the dail to unlock and when we forgot the password we’ll shit in our pants. Well that sounds layman to me. And I’m a lay man. I only have one word to describe about Windows Vista, "stupid". And I’m even dumber for buying it. I have not owned a Mac before so I can't really say that it's more superior compared to a PC. But I do know this, even Laksa apek will love a MAc simply because of the layout and design. The system is easier to operate than a toilet flush. For those who do not agree probably doesn't flush the toilet. PC is like a toilet. People like me who doesn't know how to flush a "PC" toilet probably will think that a PC stinks. Not that I refuse to flush but it's simply getting more and more complicated to operate. When a PC shows an error, I can't even comprehend what is it about. What "error code: 0003625"? That is bull shit to me. Why can they just tell us that there is not enough graphic to support? A linguist will probably find that a PC language is harder than greek combined with Korean. And a linguist will probably love Mac because the layout alone offers more orgasm when we jerk off while watching porn with it. The older version of Macbook even colored a bit spermy. Anyways, my point is PC sux and currently to me, Mac Rock. That's only my personal view. Feel free to criticize my writing disagree with me. I don't give damn. When you have a PC that crashed so many time like I had, you'll probably don’t give a damn like me.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Resolution

Actually, when we turn on the radio (no matter which station) around New Year Eve, it’ll be all the same content. That is “what did you do on the past  355 days and what is your new year resolution?”. All the DJ will be focusing on the same thing whole day and sometimes I find it quite annoying. Nevertheless, I would thank them for their reminders.

Flash back what happened in 2009 made me sad and happy for the same time. I did not achieve much which I can only summarize on 4 quarters of the year;

  1. 1st quarter. Took my AFAS and passed smoothly. To date, I have Malaysia Fumigation License, Australian Fumigation License and Pesticide Applicator License. That practically make me one of the youngest in the country to have the licenses and fumigator internationally. Apart from that, I obtained my NIOSH and CIDB license too. Basically put, I passed all the licenses that I need in ONE year. Yah00!
  2. 2nd Quarter. Got really involved into sales and met a lot of people. I spent 3 full months building my rapport with customers and learning about the “real” world. Apart from that, nothing much really.
  3. 3rd Quarter. The busiest days of my life. I was running everywhere giving trainings and talks to clients. Basically, you can deduce that I’m involving a lot in my work for the whole year. After half year into marketing, i finally grasped the kick of selling. Also, I achieve Competent Communicator and be Treasurer of Farlim Toastmasters Club.
  4. Final Quarter. Celebrated my own birthday, my GF birthday and our first anniversary as well.  I’m really glad to be with her, the most important woman of my life (apart from my mom of coarse). To date, I achieve more than  RM200 000 sales for the company (for a newbie, I think it’s acceptable). At the very end of the year, I finally registered M.Sc. in USM for termite management. Went to Hatyai for the first time for holiday on my own after soooooo many years of non stop sprinting.

So, this year, I’m gonna blog about my “to do” list so that after announcing to everyone, I have to achieve them. Also, it’s like keeping a record for future reference.

  1. Priority. Publish at least one scientific paper in an international journal.
  2. Accumulate enough money for investment. Must work towards the ultimate goal: financial freedom.
  3. Manage my blog well. Publish more “yau yii si” posts. hehe…Gonna visit Angkor Wat soon!!!Can’t wait.
  4. Prepare for the 6th goal.
  5. *secret* if I tell you I have to kill you! joking joking….
  6. Love my GF more and more…
  7. Go for another holiday with my GF at year end.
  8. Achieve all the above.

Unfortunately goal no 5 and 6 I can’t really elaborate on them because it’s quite sensitive. So do me a favor, don’t ask. When time is ripe, I’ll tell. I hope I can really achieve them all. How about you? Do you have any resolution?

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare II

So, what did I do on the first few days of the new decade? Finally I decided that my computer is way too slow and I needed much more room. So on Saturday (2nd Jan 2010), I went to Prangin Mall and obtain myself another 2 Gb Ram and 320Gb hard disk. After that I realized that my com doesn’t have enough power cord for my new disk “kanneh” I had to drive all the way  down town to get another one. After reformatting the PC, I decided to test the speed with games (as usual) and I installed this one….Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II.


The game is so addictive, I stressed myself to complete the game twice in a day at regular difficulty. I’m not a hard core gamer but it’s just too hard to let the game go. After passing the first round using approximately 4 hours, the 2nd round followed immediately with the same intensity of fun. Here are some highlight which I liked about the game (Modern Warfare overall).

  1. The graphic is damn realistic; the smoke, blood splashing and the gesture of the enemy dying just seem so real.
  2. Missions may seem tough but it manageable. The story line follows some plot which made me want to know about the ending curiously.
  3. There are plenty of killing available. Hehe
  4. A huge range of weapons are available and we may even pick the weapon for the enemy when we run out of ammo. Personally I like the sniper rifle best.
  5. Great sound effect. I’m not sure whether is it my Altec Lansing headphone or the game it’s just GREAT!

This is the first version which I completed 5 times. 3 times with regular difficulty and twice with the toughest setting.


I know my little cousin is dying to get his hands on my computer when he saw me playing but I ain’t letting him touch…hehe…Maybe I’m going for another round tomorrow.


Modern Warfare rocks and my com runs faster than ever….and that’s how I started my new year.. Happy 2010 to all.