Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Begining of Another Chapter in Life

I was staring for 2 hours at this particular photo as if waiting for an answer in life. The past episode has made me really disappointed and frustrated simply because I have focused too much onto others. I care too much about how others think and feel. I have hoped and expected too much from others and forgotten all about myself. I forgot that sometimes the solution to a despair is to move on. Previously when things don't work out I said to myself "it's ok, this is a valuable lesson in life and I shall be stronger after this". It's foolish to keep repeating that countless times. Those lines were reasons for losers and are acts of cowardice. The line that I shall say from this day forth is "it's ok, just move on".

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nasi Lemak in Hong Kong

Recently I just found out that Nasi Lemak and Roti Cannai originated from our home land, Malaysia. If you don't know what's a nasi lemak please check my previous post. Because the foods are damn good, it has spread like a disease to other countries. They're most welcome in places like Hong Kong. The Hongkies have problem pronouncing the term accurately so they call our nasi lemak = "lat sei lei ah ma". Check out the meaning from the cantonese.

1000th Visit

howjun.blogspot.com celebrates 1000th visit! Thank to all readers.

Contrast In Life

I have just came back from delivering a quotation to client. And before that I visited a friend who is a very hardworking real estate agent. Well, Lawrence one of the poor folk who's affected badly by the economy diarrhea. I heard he worked as cleaner in Hotels and now he's a security guard in an apartment which requires him to post from 7PM to 7AM. In the morning he'll be New Bob real estate agent and he's in his 60ties this year. As for me, I can regard myself as a sales man in the company. To generate sales for commission, I had to work my ass off the limited fats. Even though I'm in the verge of collapsing tonight, I just couldn't put myself to rest because a client wanted the quotation ASAP and he's only available at night, therefore I traveled the extra mile. But I consider myself lucky as compared to Lawrence. So the question is, does working hard means extra earning? Does working hard means better living and better income as compared to others? Sadly it's a "no no" in this case. Basically, to get commission and get paid in my company, this is what "we" ("" cause this statement doesn't apply to all sales person) have to conduct the following:

  1. Create awareness in our given area.
  2. Attend enquiry and survey.
  3. Work out costing and quotation.
  4. Deliver quotation.
  5. Follow up on the quote status and negotiate with clients (attend meetings).
  6. Deliver Contract and invoice. 
  7. Arrange treatment and supervise the job.
  8. Follow up on treatment.
  9. Collect payment (fuck the client on the face of he doesn't pay up and face the music at the same time).
  10. Get paid! Yahoo...

All the 10 longwinded steps to make 5%. If the contract value is RM200, we'll get RM10. Surprisingly there's parasite who survive without going through the first 9 steps. Most of the time, there's only step 10. Salesman who are reading this post, tell me, is this even possible? If it's possible, I would gladly give away my right testicle in exchange. lol....is there fairness in this mad mad world? Why is Lawrence dogging himself earn nuts while there are bastard who makes brim knowing nuts? Finally I will close this post with a quote from my primary school english teacher; I got punished because my friend made mistake and this is what he told me.

"How Jun, there is no fairness in this world" Mr. Chin, 1997. A phrase that I remembered for 13 years and it still applies till today.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pun Choi during ESLim Bday

It's my boss birthday and we celebrate while took some break off the steam. As usual, we had cake but this is no ordinary cake, it's vegetarian cake! My god, what's the point of eating a vegetarian cake? Eating a vegetarian cake is as ridiculous as eating vegetarian KFC. Anyways we had vegetarian Pizza Hut to come with that, brilliant. 

Apart from the awful lunch which I chose to skip, we had a "feast" for dinner. Around 7.30PM all of us gathered at a fancy restaurant around town for dinner with only 1 dish. Yes, there's nothing wrong with your eye(s), only 1 dish. But this is no ordinary dish. Behold.......what......we.......ate......was.............tang tang tang tang (imitating magic sound).......
Pun Choi if you translate it into english is "bucket vegetable" or "potty vegetable". It's supposed to be a dish cooked with left overs and shared by the whole village in China. But being Penangnite, we managed to being it to another level. The ingredient involved were not as simple as pig feed but what we had inside was....(see for yourself)...

Not one or two, but there were about 20 or 30 mussels in the bowl! Fuck the cholesterol, savvy the taste first. 
Although the abalone was only as big as the cow testicles, it was deeply satisfying for me. Not like I manage to taste anything from it but, heck, how often do we get to chew abalone? It's not about the taste but more about the experience. The above 3 was the highlight of the dish but there were other ingredients which made the dish really worth trying. Truly taste-butt salvation for the night. all ritey, time to "oi oi" now. Oya sumi...Zzzzzz

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What can be more Idiotic than PPPM?

This is a post where I'll be very vulgar, so if you have problems with rude wording please shove off. Or else I won't give a fuck simply coz I'm angry now. What happened was, I was called by a client renting a bungalow from the PPPM. As the organization grew, the need more space hence the building next door is the best option. And that building belongs to PPPM too. As usual, we went in for termite survey. The building was locked despite we made appointment since yesterday saying that we'll come at 2PM today. It took them 1 whole bloody hour to arrive from KOMTAR (only about 5km away) but we waited anyhow. Knowing that it's PPPM, we will not get the deal but we stayed to give some advice and helped to inspect the place. 

4 officers arrived with style;
  1. Government car with driver. 
  2. Acted like big shot but couldn't give straight answer and couldn't make decision.
  3. 1 does the talking while the other watched doing nothing else. 
  4. Totally ignored us needless mention about asking our opinion. 
  5. Discussed about ghost haunting in Penang Hill properties and humid weather instead of the topic of interest there. 

Here's the conclusion of the "discussions";
  1. They'll only provide corrective soil treatment (drilling) though our client insists on termite baiting (more advance, cost less in the long term, more environmental friendly and less damage to the building).
  2. They won't listen to new ideas of advice. 
  3. Only 25% or the of the PPPM organization are "functional" while the rest tag along to enjoy the ride.
  4. They couldn't give a fuck about destroying state properties.
  5. They couldn't give a damn about tax payers money. 
There are several issues I simply cannot understand;
  1. Corrective soil treatment will drill all along the building layout thus destroying the classic tiles of the building. If the government couldn't give a damn about the heritage buildings who would?
  2. Why wouldn't the PPPM move on with new information and ideas while JKR can? 
  3. Even being informed about higher cost involved, they simply don't give a fuck. So people, this is your blood money goes, down the drain into the pockets of blood suckers whole couldn't care less about shit! When broke they'll just tax more. GST for instance. 
  4. How come any tom dick and harry who knows nuts about anything can be an officer? 
  5. Why is PPPM owning any building at all? 
  6. Why is the need for 4 jokers to come for a building rental discussion? 
  7. Why is PPPM people rode in car with driver while the hardworking tax payers are only riding on motor under the mercy of the weather? 
  8. To get government jobs, why do we need Certificate from Ministry of Finance, enroll into their contractor listing (different bodies different list)? Isn't Register of Companies good enough? If not then why bother registering? 
  9. Why register with ministry of finance needs to pay fee? Why pay tax? 
  10. Why don't they give a fuck when the citizens are angry? 

Basically this is the sum of the questions that occurred to me during the 1 hour meeting. Finally, why are there so many weakness in the government bodies? 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pot Black

People who know me would probably realized that I'm a snooker freak. Not to the extend that leave everything behind and live by the snooker table, but I do spend a lot of my time cueing. I savvy the process poking the balls, with a wooden cue of coarse. Snooker for me is like soccer to a lot of you, it's something I love that most of you find boring.
It is a very expensive sport in this country where the table rental is damn hefty. Average price in Penang is about RM12 for a well maintained table. Normally we'll share the fee so that it's more affordable. 

After using the crappy cues provided by the shop for sometime, I bought my own. Although it's a second party cue but at least it's my own now right? 

I have my own snooker chalk too and holder too (imported from Hong Kong). 

My own opponent (imported from Hong Kong too)

There are many interests/hobbies that became less fascinating to me but potting the balls doesn't seem to grow cold. This is one of the game where it grew from boring to interesting as time passes. You may presume that this is something hooligans and jobless thwarts indulge into but rest assured you're wrong. It requires skill, stamina, concentration, practice and it makes you feel british.