Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In An Organization

In an organization;

  1. everything is part of learning (which I quite agree at times).
  2. discussions is just to listen to other people's idea and concept. Yours doesn't work.
  3. you're a bullet proof vest for your downline. 
  4. your downline told you everything hastily and expect you to remember. When problem crops, they'll say I told him so, he's my superior, he forgets it's his mistake. 
  5. you're supposed to remember everything and register it in your brain forever. (If I can do this I'll be in MIT.)
  6. everyone is for themselves and to win them, you have to learn to shut them up (often paperwork works).
  7. the company coordinator is very busy "coordinating". She has to visit the rest rooms many many times, spend her rightful time enjoy her lunch, make phone calls for appointments and adjust slots for operation work.
  8. you are very free, gulping down your food, stuck in traffic jam, skipping restroom breaks and hunt for one shall you need to. 
  9. giving a 4 hours presentation without having time for lunch, develop sore throat and lost your voice in the process to introduce the company to the process means nothing to the company. The operators may screw up and it's ok for the boss to "tell your client off". 
  10. clients and prospects are king, only certain people in the organization can scold them. 
  11. your superior imagination is the truth!
  12. integrity is important, when trouble arises, it's not my fault, it's always his, hers, and the client being troublesome, hence problem solved!
  13. do more, spend less and improve!
  14. your clerk being unable to use and reluctant to learn computer is the computer's fault, the computer must buck up. 
  15. it is ok to skip lunch to work on a project so that you can sweat under the hot sun. It is ok to skip lunch again and bathe in the rain while protecting the contract with your body. When the deal is closed, there's no pat in the back, you have to follow the "terms and conditions" that is written here and here instead of "very good, well done, I'll treat this as special case and give you some special incentives. You must earn honestly and take what you deserve. 
  16. 1st lesson, we cannot follow everything that is written. This is the real corporate world.  
  17. big project = big possible trouble. 
  18. the client always tries to take advantage. 
  19. other people always sick, on leave and have close relative pass away, while you wonder how come you life is "uninteresting". 
  20. "see what happened already...what you do? You did nothing", proof with paperwork.
  21. more paperwork, more work, more productive. No paperwork, no work, did not work. 
  22. your boss management skill is at the best, you learn and listen. 
  23. black and white is a trump card to tell you that "I win, you lose".
  24. it is difficult for the phone operators because they have to take calls from client. It is easy because you only meet the client face to face. 
  25. securing a RM13.5k business means you'll still get shout at for a RM13.5 case. 
  26. you'll learn to keep your mouth shut, listen and forget. 
  27. motivate yourself, no one else will. 
  28. everyone in the organization is just human, forgive and move on. 

So, what is an organization to me? I'm afraid I'm not a complicated person. For me, it's something that is made up of a group of people rather than a bunch of papers. If everyone really cares for the group, considerate for others, there's less papers involved, much work shared to achieve a common goal. And that's defines the mission and vision.