Monday, November 23, 2009


Ever since I was small, my parents bred me to sleep at 9.30 and wake at 5.30. Eat on time and watch   tv on time. Nothing less nothing more. For a kid, I feel like being imprison for a long long time. 


Actually, it's not that bad. I just made it sound pathetic so that can grab your attention :P. But my point is, whatever we do, discipline is there, future is there. This afternoon I have just attended the talk by USM bioschool saying the importance of alot of craps regarding survivalship in doing a post graduate studies. All those longwinded stuff can be summarized into 2 words; determination and discipline.

At trading, the work I come across most after "long" and "short" is DISCIPLINE. I wonder, to which extend do we need to be "disclipline". 

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Hui Yi said...

until what extend? To the extend where we are able to meet our target within the time range that we fixed.