Monday, November 9, 2009

Which Millionaire?

     Grab a stone and throw it on the street. Most probably the one you hit is a millionaire. Which mean, very likely you'll get sued for that. lol. Anyways, my point is, there are far too many millionaires out there. Their species has grown, from scarce o dense. Just like graduates. Stab anyone with a knife and most probably you've killed a graduate. So, just how much is one million? 
     During the 80's, you could basically buy Langkawi with that amount of money a probably import some prostitutes from china for business. With one million you can basically own anything other than the nation. Back then, money was small. Only millionaires own car, and if you parked your car at a double line, the traffic officer would probably to awe to write you a summon ticket. But today, cars are abundant than hookers on the streets. In another words, we have insufficient prostitutes to go round. We see BMW more than police cars on the road and the people that are driving the BMWs' are getting more and more ruthless (assholes!!!). If millionaires are so common, do we still wanna be millionaire? Why not be billionaire? 

     Last week, I was with this annoying client, no doubt filthy rich and filthy arrogant. Save the how insolent part, that's not what I'm trying to discuss here...this is what he said to me " young man, make sure after I signed this deal, I don't want to see even 1 ant. When your phone rings and it's my number, you better be here". And this is what I replied "unless you're the devil, when we sign this deal you don't own my soul". A serious awkward long pause follows. 

     I deduced that that there are 2 types of rich bastards. The A grade bastards inherited their wealth from the parents and are too ignorant to care about how other would feel. B grade bastards worked their ass to wealthy and appreciate our every effort to survive. When we call the A bastards and they're not answering the phone, they're fucking a hooker and having a erectile disfunction problem. When we call the B grade bastards and they're not picking up, they're also most probably fucking the hookers. But they return call when they're done. Anyways, both A and B are bastards simply because they're millionaires and I'm not. If I have a million, I don't mind being a bastard. If you get to choose, which bastard would you want to be? A or Be? 


Hui Yi said...

is a millionaire must be a bastard? I don't think so.

Wong How Jun said...
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Wong How Jun said...

Nope, not all, but most I have met are.