Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why do you trade?

     I used to put all my hope into trading. I believed that trading will make me rich. When I finally have an account and start losing money, it feels like the world has crashed. All hopes were gone and my life was over. So, this is my advice to every trader out there, if you jump into the trading pool thinking wanna grab a bunch, you'll only find yourself getting drown.

     Then I took a break from the market and diverted my mind off to somewhere else. After a couple of months, I dip myself into the water again. This time, I do it with passion. Making money doesn't really matter. What matter most to me is to find out whether can I beat the market. Every night I trade the market just to see test my analysis skills. Just like Fred Tam said, the market is made of hundreds of experts. To beat them, I have to be at least equal or better than them.

     Making money and being rich has no longer register its meaning to me anymore. Now it's the passion of trading. It's a feeling I cannot explain.

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Allington Howsham said...

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