Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Me work is out there facing the world!!!!

Though I can hardly lift my eye lids to the extend of seeing things properly, I feel that there is a need to at least update this blog a bit. It has been a few days I recommended some songs or even publish a fresh post. Anyways, I'm quite happy today after finding my research done was presented in conferences.
The first presentation was about termite and was presented in USA by my current supervisor Dr. Lee Chow Yang. It is about termite distribution mainly. I did sent him the data and graphs but I have no absolute idea whether were they presented. I certainly hope he did. The second presentation was done by my B. Sc final year supervisor Dr. Zary Shariman Yahaya. It was about worms in the American cockroaches. Look at page no9 of this website. Even though the presentation was not done by me, but these two great man owe my deepest gratitude for revealing my findings.
It is a nice feeling to have our hard work made known to the scientific society and mankind. It feels like contribution to the advancement of the human civilization. Maybe the impact is not that huge, but certainly it has changed my views towards research and publication. In the near future, I would like to make my own presentation and have papers publish under my name.

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