Thursday, November 19, 2009

Education System

In my opinion, the education path of a human being should be like this:

Primary School
  1. I think there's nothing more important than teaching children more basic lessons and skills that requires plenty of time to practice and improve on. Things that should be concentrated are skills that will only develop through time. The subjects should be like this:
  2. Communication skills (languages plus the way to use them)
  3. Math (most important subject)
  4. Human values (instead of morals, we should learn about being a human rather than memorizing words)
  5. Logic 1 (learn about what is outcome of certain action and best solution to certain problems...problem solving), in another word, learn about common sense lar. 
  6. Gaming (let them feel the importance of being competitive)
  7. Money management 

Secondary School
  1. Science (this is the best time as thinking is more matured and brain is more developed).
  2. Math (no replacement for this subject)
  3. Logic 2 (learn about historical human act and their outcome, learn from it but not memorize it)
  4. Research (telling them about why apple falls from a tree is spoon feeding, it is important they should find out by themselves. There are libraries and internet)
  5. Communication (soft skills, persuasive skill, presentation and speaking appropriately)
  6. Gaming (bring it to another level, away from computers and console like in sports or organizing big events)
  7. Survival skills (who cares about plotting graphs and reading charts? We read them only a couple of times a day but we need to survive every seconds of the day right?) 
  8. Investment  and economy (this field is needed by everyone, and it's most crucial)

  • Throw them out in the working society for 2 years. Let them explore which field is best for them. Let them mix with the cruel society.

University (10 years)
  • Specialization in the line of work. This is the best time to teach them about science, the art of law, building and etc. Intensify the lesson on politics and trading. At this age, everyone should have know about managing their money, investing the correct stocks or commodity no matter you're an engineer, doctor, artist or even a professional swindler. 

Exams will all be in the form of practical. No stupid essay or multiple choices. Those only test memory and ability or operate the pencils.  Example of university exam would be, a student have to access the current economy and does his own investment. A 80% and above return will get an A. Deficit will results in a failure. Practicality of a lesson is always more important than theory. Of coarse, all these are hyphothetical.

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you can write a proposal to our dear Jabatan Pendidikan... :P